Top 10 Architecture Design Principles

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Interior Designer world over is known to draw their inspiration from varied disciplines time and again. The blend of contemporary and modern architecture has given the world some of the best awe-inspiring monuments. These architectural masterpieces have been a testimony to the aesthetic awareness and human creativity, thus making them worth taking a good look.

We at Sovereign Architects, counted among the leading Architects in Pune along with being rated as the best Interior designers in Pune consider it our blessing and honour to place before our clients the top 10 architectural design principles.

As one of the renowned Architectural firms in Pune, it is our sincere effort to select some of the well-known contemporary architectural creative work spanning over more than a century and list them out on the basis of the top 10 Architectural design principles that they exhibit.

Role of Steel in Architectural Innovation

The birth of steel brought about a revolution in the varied field, including the field of architecture. Once dominated by stone masonry, the invention of steel took architecture to newer heights. The year of 1854 saw the use of steel and glass to construct Sir Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace. Not only this even the tallest structure of Eiffel Towers at 324 metres was built using steel in the year of 1889. But in recent years, all these architectural feats have been surpassed with the construction of Adrian Smith’s Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This architectural marvel stands above the ground at whopping feet of 828 Metres.

Horizontal Sky Scrapper Architecture Constructed by Bending the Rules

Traditionally the construction of skyscrapers used to be done vertically but this tradition was broken by OMA, an architectural firm in China (Headed by Rem Koolhas) who built the cutting edge landmark of CCT HQ (China Central Television’s HQ). This architectural marvel building is a loop comprising of 6 parts out of which three are horizontal.

The Bauhaus School of Principles

The modern architecture boasts of construction of buildings with intellectual integrity rather than cheerful ones. The Bauhaus school strictly adhered to the principles of pure functionality and minimalism during the period between 1919 and 1933 in Germany. The Seagram Building in Manhattan erected in the year of 1958 is a perfect example of modern international architecture.

Forms, Sketches and Concepts

Architecture is not restricted only to pure rational art, engineering or maths as is supposed to be believed by many. It also has shades of Forms, Sketches and Concepts. The MAXXI museum in Rome as conceived by Zaha Hadid an Architect of Iraqi British Origin lays great emphasis on form. Similarly, Lebbeus Woods- a theatrical architect was popular for constructing practically no buildings at all

Problem Solving Designs

Creative designers think in terms of solving severe problems. The best example that can be quoted in this context is of the Dutch Firm, UN Studio who while working for Brussels Airport developed a passageway by connecting three structures to accommodate passenger flow as well as security and operation, space for commercial activity thus fulfilling Brussels ambition to become a European transport hub.

Become Noticeable

Constructing iconic or distinctive-looking architectural buildings to identify an entire region or city has become the norm these days. The breezy design of Sydney Opera House by an unknown Danish Architect is worth mentioning here.

Switching Gears to make a Design Stand Out

Creative designers never follow a single style and stick method. Instead, they are quick in producing the abrupt shift to create a design either stand out or to blend with other models. Frank Gehry is one such designer whose design Guggenheim design in Bilbao stands out.

Keeping the Environment in Mind

Environmental friendly architectural designs are always received with a more friendly response. The 1935 masterpiece “Falling Water” of Frank Lloyd Wright is worth mentioning in this context depicting a rural home built on the hillside without causing disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Transformation of a Given Context

As revealed by the name, transforming a context that has been provided or inherited such as repurposing an existing structure as done in the case of Highline Park in New York City or reconstructing industrial shipping containers into architectural units for apartment buildings is done by may design architects.

Merging New and Old to Create Something New

Those into branding would be quite familiar with developing something new that has continuity or co-existence with its earlier systems. The Mid Town Manhattan Site of Hearst Corporation retained the historic beauty of its former architectural building by gutting the old building and creating a shiny new tower in the middle of it.

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