Top 10 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Architects

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Garden designing or renovating can be a nerve-racking decision, especially when your expectations don’t match the plot of your garden. Are you someone looking for add-ons to your land property? Are you bored of the same old garden designs and wish to renovate it? Your search ends here! Sovereign architects – A well-known name among the top-class architectural firms in Pune has brought the solutions to your landscape architectural concerns. Get along the article and by the end of it, you master the tricks to hire a landscape architect.

Today, we are about to discuss 10 key questions you need to ask your landscape architects in Pune before they carry on with the assigned work.

1) What Features do Your Service covers?

A landscape architect can be divided into three categories; Design-only, Design-built, and Full service- Design-built and maintenance. Many landscape designers charge fees for their first consultation. This includes garden inspection by an expert team, areas where sun and shade fall, the location of your property lines, the type of soil, and customer’s add-ons (the must-haves, the maybes & the wishes)

2) Ask for Some Sample Works

This gives a broad-spectrum of your landscape architect’s work. Evaluate their creativity skills and proficiency; after all, you are the payer for their service.

3) Can I Contact your Previous Clients?

A friendly architect eases the job up to a great extent. The more you get a strong relationship with your landscape architect the better they serve your garden demands and wishes. Ask them if they are fine by contacting their other clients. This helps you analyze their work, relations, and pricing values.

4) Does Your Service Include Garden Consultations?

Architects keep professionalism as their priority and thus, they believe at first winning the hearts of their clients through their garden consultation services. Under this, they examine your land, type of soil, and type of plants you propose. They then sketch the prototype of the design and proceed to the execution program.

5) Do they Charge for their First Consultation?

Many do but some don’t. It solely depends on how recognized your hired landscape architect is. A charged consultation program, on a positive note, proves to be beneficial and hassle-free. Because, the designs get pre-planned and you save a lot of time discussing on the type of plants, water ponds, or the theme of the garden.

6) What Would You Suggest for Our Garden?

Never hurdle your expert’s advice. The Landscape architects in Pune have decades of experience in garden designs. They are well-exposed to the soil, plants, and suitable designs. Welcome your expert outlook and then modify it according to the necessary changes.

7) What will be Your Process?

That differs according to the type of designers you choose. Suppose you hire a designer-only, it demands your expertise to the resulting outcome. Know their workflow for a better understanding of what to expect at the end of your project.

8) The Cost

Stay clear amid the budget limits. Coordinate your demands and wishes accordingly. At times, client’s get amused by their expert’s designs and start including every design to their garden prototype. This way, the budget level inflates. An expert advice, “Go for quality designs rather than quantity. This saves you time, money, and you won’t be remained confused over the choices”.

9) How Much Maintenance would I need for My Garden to Grow?

The gardens aren’t a one-night installation program. They, of course, demand maintenance and your attention. Ask your architect to enlighten you on the type of continuation each garden would require and whether you can afford that much of time on it.

10) When will the Garden Grow?

Considering the type of plants you proposed to the garden, the maturity of the plants while they got planted, and the scope of your design, the garden take its time to nurture. Know the expected time duration for the garden to grow. This is important if you are coordinating your home decor according to the design of your garden.

Sovereign Architects believe in complete transparency. We believe a garden speaks out for the owner itself. Hence, it has to be lively and charismatic. Ask our accomplished experts and see the wonders they engrave on.

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