5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home in Small Budget

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It is a well known fact that interior designing when incorporated in our home budget often turn out to be quite expensive. Even in situations where we try to redecorate a single room, the costs start to spiral up. Whether we want to go for a new carpet or instead opt for wooden flooring? Paint quantity and their shades, light fixtures and accessories.   Whether new furniture needs to be purchased? Lastly, decision on wall hangings and other decor items also need to be looked into to fix the budget.

The cost of purchasing all the above mentioned items can come to a whopping sum and if one is trying to do at a limited budget, it would seem just impossible. But necessarily, all you need to do is learn few simple ways to make your home shine in a small and limited budget.

For those residing in big cities like Pune, approaching an Interior designer in Pune or Architectural firms in Pune or even good Professionall Architects in Pune   would be the right thing to do. But for those residing in smaller towns and cities, getting connected to the right Architect can be little difficult. But they need not lose heart, the below mentioned 5 simple tips would be of great help to redecorate their home in the best possible manner and that too on a fixed or small budget

Plan before Embarking:

While the importance of thorough planning cannot be denied for any home improvement project, it becomes all the more essential when working on a shoestring budget. No one likes to cut a sorry figure after ordering a cabinet and finding that it does not fit into the space. Hence proper planning beforehand will help to drastically reduce any nasty surprise along the road.

Identify your design ideas, search on net and look into magazines, browse stores and tackle the project into different components by way of flooring, Paint, accessories, furniture and decor. Do not forget to take into account the associated costs say hiring of handy men, transport etc.

Now with the price in mind, take a stock of the budget, be honest and find out how much you can shell out? In case you fall short, try to arrange funds from outside or still better set aside a manageable amount every week till you reach the required amount to attain your goal.

Make the Best Use of what you already have?

Though there is hundred percentage of truth in the fact that repurposing of our old design essentials won’t provide us with the same excitement that we get from purchase of new designer pieces from stores. But with a little bit of ingenuity and time at our disposal, we can completely transform the look of our house along with sufficient saving of money to purchase the further required things at a later stage.

Search in Second Hand Stores:

When you plan to work on budget, do not shy away from searching in second hand stores as you might find some very good furniture pieces for your house at throw away pieces. You can even enquire with your friends and family to find out if they are selling some furniture and other knick knacks which they might not be using. Only take care to ensure that the quality is good. You can always experiment with the style say for instance, replacing the sofa cover or lamp shade cover to match your decor etc.

Opt for bold and contrast colors:

One of the biggest interior designer secrets is to play with colours. In comparison to the cost of furniture and other interior elements of design, Paints works out cheaper. Just ensure that you choose colours that you love. You can even experiment by opting for Art work, cushion colours and even curtains   in contrast to the wall colour to provide the room with a bright bold look.

One at a time:

Never rush to design the entire house at one go. Take your time and try to do at a slower pace by tackling room by room or even a specific area. By opting to do so, you will start to get a clear picture of what you really want along with understanding the follies. Start with the area or room that needs the maximum attention and slowly move on to other rooms or areas. By doing so, you can keep control on the finances.

Designing a home project on a shoestring budget is not so, but with commitment of time as well as effort it can be easily achieved. Do not rush through and do it in your space as ultimately it is all about a comfortable living, being happy and enjoying what we do.

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