Importance of Liaison Architect in Real Estate House

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A liaison architect holds a significant role in construction houses. Any civil architect or lawyer can be a liaison architect. The services a liaison architect provides are indispensable. Construction is possible anywhere within reach of law with his help, which cannot be substituted.

A liaison architect can also be called an agent or a broker because mostly they work independently and intermediate between the involved parties, and that’s what they get money out of. Not everyone has the intricate knowledge of a particular area, and therefore, not everyone can take up the role of liaison architects.

Who is a Liaison Architect?

A liaison architect bridges the gap between construction houses, government houses, and other interested companies. He is responsible for communicating between these three and handling all the legal issues. According to an architect in Pune, construction companies keep getting into legal troubles, and avoiding this stress, the role of a liaison architect is crucial.

What is the Difference Between a Normal Architect and a Liaison Architect?

The difference between the two is substantial. While a normal architect designs a construction, a liaison architect is responsible for the execution of the plan and the existence of that design in concrete.

Who can be a Liaison Architect?

Whoever can manage communication among all the parties involved efficiently, and is aware of all the rules and regulations required for construction in that particular area can be a liaison architect.

A liaison architect is generally a local person who is aware of the laws of the area and helps in the coordination of activities between the organisations. Several companies hire liaison architects for optimum utilisation of resources and employment of all services.

With a boom in real estate, the cases of fraudulent activities have increased. It would be unwise not to be aware of all the laws regarding a place and construction of that place. It might lead to the incurrence of huge losses; wiser would be to spend some amount on a liaison architect and prevent any unauthorised activity out of ignorance.

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