5 New Strategies of Designing an Unbeaten Landscape Project

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Whether it’s a local park or your personal space, we are all familiar with the concept of landscape gardening but, landscaping is not just limited to gardening. There are many other elements to be considered such as stones, paves, and fences while building a spectacular landscape garden. We, at Sovereign Architects, have an impressive history of designing gardens, lawns, and landscapes that suits all of our client’s requirements.

Typically, in public spaces, the building elements play a chief role in creating an outstanding view. The ground materials and grading selected by our landscape architects will not just affect the site installations but also effect impressive site planning.

Here are 9 basic principles you must know while considering landscaping:

1) Know Your Usage


While planning a landscape, it is important to know how exactly the site will be used. Think of how you want people to see the space and use it. Planning and organization makes a site easier to navigate. Never forget an effective landscape design will surely improve the user experience. Is it going to be a sports field or a rose garden or a classy patio that attracts your guests and visitors? Develop your perspective towards the landscape making.

2) Bring Unity in Your Design

Once you have figured out how you are displaying the landscape to the users, develop a conceptual focus over the design. Our landscape architects in Pune specialize in creating artificial and natural landscape for both interior and exteriors. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, unity and cohesion are the key principles for us to initiate any project.

3) Maintain Consistency in your Design

Repetition of design is directly related to unity. Repeating the geometric lines along with strong observable lines help create unity in landscaping. Avoid putting too many ideas in a small space.  A unified space creates an amazing landscape from every angle. Adding too much building elements, plants, textures, and colors simply violate the major principles of landscape designing.

4) Keep Your Perspective in Mind


The goal of landscape design is to make a small space look bigger. Therefore, a visual perception will create three-dimensional space. A strong accent in the center of space will draw all eyes and make the space look bigger. The trick of using colors always works on expanding a space. If you desire on making a space look smaller than simply reverting this process will do wonders on your overall design.

5) Plan Enough Space for Deck or Patio


The wish-list for brilliant landscaping is never-ending. It is vitally important to plan an adequate amount of space to install all kinds of essential elements for landscaping, especially when it comes to patio and deck. The professional architectural firms in Pune make use of plot plan scale to help you find an ideal location for patio and deck.

With the help of these fundamental principles, our architects in Pune develop the final landscape design that incorporates your designing considerations and plantations. Contact our proficient team to learn more about the instant landscape. We will guide you towards landscape designing that needs little or no maintenance at all.

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