Future of Architects in India

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Architecture has played a significant role in the culture and tradition of India; however, the requirement of good architects in more than ever in the country. Sovereign Architects suggest that the rise of the middle class has driven the expansion of architecture – the need for better residential complexes with better planning and quality, efficient amenities has brought the role of architects in the centre.

As more and more people are migrating to the cities, and space is contracting, an efficient architecture is what the need of the hour is. One is ready to afford and invest money, but the architect must plan in such a way that more amenities can be provided in less space, and it doesn’t seem like a space crunch.

The most pressing issue, at present, according to the architectural firms in Pune is the neglect of architectural requirement for the lower-income group. This could be a great investment as buildings which are affordable and safe would solve a lot of problems of space in the city.

The requirement for efficient architecture also arises from the issue of population growth. Architects need to link the urbanised sectors with airports, railways, and other utilities. Therefore, a good architect is the pre-requisite of efficient infrastructure in the country.

At present, India has around 450 schools for architecture, but there is a shortage of teachers in this discipline. Architects have a great responsibility upon their shoulders to give a physical and tangible shape to the country.

Architecture represents how much a country has progressed and how much it is willing to improve. Public architecture, accurately, represents the pride of a nation. It shows the summit of ambition and achievement for the population of a country envisions. The future of architecture in India is highly creative and innovative, given the space challenge due to the ever-increasing population.

The challenges in the field require our future architects to be versatile and well equipped with the knowledge of the law, must have designing skills, must have a good understanding of calculus to make sure things are all right on the working site — good understanding of urban architecture, infrastructure, town planning etc.

Architects must be able to hone their skills according to the changes, and they would be expected to be a part of the team responsible for building design. Commercially competitive creativity would help architects in their growth within the industry.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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