Interior Design VS Architecture (Know the Difference)

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The commonly confused fields are interior designing and architecture. Both the professions overlap and complement each other. Both interior designers and architects are qualified to create and design spaces with the utility through planning and spatial designing.

Both architects and interior designer are well informed about the building codes and regulations of a state. They bring their specialty to the design/build team using their creative and artistic skills. Both of them are trained professionals with a thorough knowledge of architectural principles. However, they undertake a comprehensive study of different disciplines.

Architectural firms in Pune informed that architecture is an extremely regulated discipline. Architects focus on designing buildings and spaces that are safe for the future occupants. Architects design the main structure of the house and interior designers only deal with what does not interfere with the main structure.

The architecture includes planning of plumbing and electrical requirement in each map or plan, they design the entire structure of the house, both exterior and interior including millwork, ceiling finishes and trim.

Interior designers, on the contrary, focus on the interior of the house, usually all the rooms. Interior designers also take care of the lighting plan of each room including the mood lightings and positioning of lamps. Backsplashes also fall into the domain of interior designer’s responsibility, they choose the tiles, flooring and lighting, and are responsible for fixtures and placements. Interior designers focus on selecting the textiles, drapery, paint, textures, wallpapers, accents, furnishing and hardware.

The above-mentioned distinctions are not so steadfast and the boundaries are always blurred. The blur depends on the understanding and proficiency of the architect and interior designer. In order to simplify the above-mentioned distinctions, in other words, an architect is responsible for how the structure of a building is, and an interior designer adds things to the structure to make it functional.

Both architect and interior designers will have to pay visits to the sites, they must be able to pay close attention to detail and possess great communication skill to understand the budget and requirements of the clients properly.

According to interior designers in Pune the major areas of difference between an architect and an interior designer are in what they design – the building or the interior of the building, what have they got their training in – a structural building that abides by the state and national code of law or making the construction functional. Architects follow a technical approach to space where interior designers take into consideration the emotional and psychological aspects of the space.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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