Indian Vernacular Architecture

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Vernacular Architecture – The term might seem new to many of you. Therefore let us see what it mean.

Vernacular architecture is nothing but a characteristic of period, place or group. Also, it could be called a typical building style of a period or home. The term is majorly popular in western countries where it means forest construction or the shingle style. But the idea of contemporary vernacular architecture in Indian is quite different from what it is in the western part of the world. In our country, natural means – low cost, traditional, small settlements. These settlements are done in traditional ways that originated a few centuries back. 

In India, vernacular settlements are formed after considering the climate of the area, the social and cultural norms that are specially crafted to preserve and protect. For instance, in Uttaranchal, the houses are categorised in as the ones made by stones, timber, mud mortar, rubble masonry, etc.

Whereas in Kerala, the rural houses are built differently with slope roofs. In Mangalore, tiles and thaws are used to draw off and channel rain. In Assam, the homes have stilts to be compatible with the damp ground. Talking about Punjab, there is whitewash on the outer walls of the house for the cooling effect as it gets really hot in the summer. The list will go on if we mention more regions of India. But it will not be wrong to say that Vernacular Architecture of the multiple areas has evolved over the years as per the climatic conditions. 

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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