Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Architecture

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Artificial Intelligence has changed the way the world works in terms of technological advancements, and the field of architecture is no different. But have you ever wondered what role AI plays in architecture? If you don’t know, worry not, we are here to tell you how artificial intelligence plays a vital role in architecture.

Talking about architecture, we are no longer restricted to the plan sheets and manual work. The growth in digitisation has changed the face of architecture in the 21st century. It will not be wrong to say that architecture and technology go hand in hand. So today, in this blog post, we will be unfolding top ways in which Artificial Intelligence influences the architecture. Keep reading to know!

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Big Data and Design

For starters, let us tell you that artificial intelligence can easily perform the tasks that need human intelligence. This basically means it can do visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and can also identify multiple languages along with translating them. AI in architecture works wonders by assimilating data and using it efficiently.

Laying the Foundation

AI’s competencies to make the decisions and recommendations play a vital role in designing process of the project. This initial designing step demands a lot of research and effort. But with AI there remains no need to invest so much effort and time. You can build conceptual designs with a little or no use of pen and paper. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Construction and planning

You can never be fully prepared to execute an architectural plan. To breathe life into a vision needs years of preparation. But this fact has changed since the invasion of technology in architecture

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Vaishali Kawalkar

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