Types of Architecture Design in Modern Age

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Architecture has been a field of interest since the earliest days of human civilization, and under the patronage of great rulers, it has thrived around the world. Different regions developed their own style of architecture that became symbolic. Today architecture design patterns could be called as a techno-cultural milieu that incorporates the dimensions of function, form and art and finesse. People around the world are being influenced hugely by the novel concepts and creativity that the top architects offer in their plans and designs.

Ranging from the classical styles & the purely modern ones to fusion definitions, every concept has its fan following and the architects types also differ as per their specializations. Find out what architecture orientations are trending these days and select the one which matches your cost and lifestyle demands.

Functional and Chic

This style of architecture is in high demand these days because most people want to generate optimal functionality for the budget they are spending on construction. Even the office spaces are inspired by this objective. Such buildings are generally designed as symmetrical, simplistic yet look elegant and appealing.


Victorian style of architecture belongs to the yester century, yet people love to incorporate some of its famed concepts like steeper Mansard roofs and bay style windows in their homes.

Baroque and Roman

These are really worthy architectural concepts from the past and are still being utilized for developing grander spaces like public malls & complexes, transit stations and such other places. Huge mansions are also being made in such styles. The cost of construction is, of course, higher.


This concept combines the modern and older architecture elements and offers a balanced impression that appears to be classically inspired yet trendy.


Such architecture styles allow maximum use of natural resource for the right living of the dwellers. These resources include natural light, fresh air, green landscapes and the like.

Architecture design patterns are always dynamic, and one should choose as per likes, budget and climate of course.

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