What is Green Architecture?

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Green architecture is a concept that has found demand and relevance because of the growing pressure that our socio-economic behaviour is putting on the natural ecosystem. The increasing cost of cooling/heating the living place and other dwelling requirements is an uptrend and getting almost prohibitive for all. ‘Green building’ as a concept attempts to make the resurrections by ensuring sustainable use of natural and all resources and reduce the C footprint of the people who occupy such space! 

Leading architects in Pune, India have developed specialization in the segment of green building and are offering unique designs that promise to reduce the cost and optimize the use of natural resource in a cleaner manner. They adopt some refined techniques to usher the value for their clients that find satisfaction through cost reduction and a wise outlook towards nature. Here are the vital tips and counsels that guide any eco-friendly architecture. Have a look – 

Optimal use of a natural resource

The design and architecture should be such that it facilitates the use of natural sunlight and allows fresh air supply for the dwellers. 

Utilising recycled materials for construction

Re-cycled steel, plastics etc. are being increasingly used to lower the cost and minimize the burden on natural resource. 

Balanced functionality to reduce pollution & waste production

Space should be functionally resonant so that least waste is generated and pollution to external environs is minimized. 

A design that is inclusive with the environment

The building design and architecture is green only when it does not runs contradictory to the surrounding environment. 

Making out the most from renewable energy technology

Renewable energy sources like solar, wind power now can be tapped through the use of frontline technology. This brings down the power bill and reduces C footprint, thus ensuring a truly green architecture

Adhere to the above techniques to make your house and office a green building too! 

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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