What is Landscape Architecture ?

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Landscape architecture is the speciality discipline that grows upon the core techniques and creativity of landscaping to attempt more specific concerns. These concerns could be highly varied, ranging from aesthetic value addition of the environs and ecosystems to sustainable living concepts and environmental damage control. The locus of landscape architects is, therefore, broader and not merely confined to the beautification tasks through lawns and lakes development, opine the top architects in Pune

Landscape architecture – a multidisciplinary approach 

The scope and objectives involved in landscape architecture are so vast that to accomplish the goals precisely, a combined approach is warranted. Landscape architects are required to envision, design and execute in totality while considering the disciplines of environment, soil & geo strata, water tables, sustainability and climate/weather impacts, green living and such other fields which allow holistic positive blending for the clients/stakeholders. Leading firms offering landscape architecture in Pune and other cities of India are implementing projects that are aimed to usher the optimal value in consonance with the environment. 

Multitudes of orientations driving landscape architecture services! 

Both private sector and government clients are now looking forward to a better landscape architecture concept for the space they occupy. The orientations of such projects could be supra scale and could involve geoengineering such as wetlands & lakes conservation, saline lands reclamation, countering desertification and the like. Microscale projects are driven by the demands put up by the enthusiastic clients that are inclined towards the ideas of sustainable living and reduced C footprint as long term goals and inclusive ecological living. Such customers generally seek components like kitchen gardens, orchards and farmhouse lake, among other concepts of personal fancy. 

Leading firms of architects in Pune adopt specialised roles to ensure the finest value addition through interventions that involve architecting the surrounding landscape. The professionals make use of the available natural resource and species of flora and life to generate the continuums so that eco-balance is never faltered. 

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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