Know the Basics of Space Planning

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Space planning studies the use of physical space available in various structures and constructions. It analysis the purpose of a given space and the method of using it wisely. So, it happens to be a comprehensive stepwise process of planning done by architectures and interior designers as per the views shared by an Architectural Firm in Pune.

What is space planning?

An excellent space planning avoids wastage of floor space and making best use of the given space. It is a detailed drawing including doors, windows and furniture, which helps in designing an effective space plan. Prior to designing a space plan, more and more information is collected about the concerned site. Also, all the above-mentioned steps are to be followed while planning for other parts of the building too.

Space planning can make the place multi-purpose

First and fore most the purpose of the space and structures are to be defined which means, whether they are to be used for residential, industrial or commercial purposes. Space allocation for all such sites to be defined, since some spaces are to be put for multiple uses those are to be designed in a flexible way, for instance primary school gym can be converted into a cafeteria for later part of the day.

Focus on the Target User

Secondly, defining the target group of people to make use of such spaces, ex. Children, working mob or public utility places etc. is important. Architects should also know what number of people are to be present at a particular point of time and how will such a number of people make use of such a place. For ex. Is the structure a doctor’s clinic, a cozy home or a school. Every time the way the space is designed differs from one another. Best solution of effective space designing can be achieved if architects seek answers to all such queries.

Landscape Designs

Further, Landscape Designing is another crucial point under space designing. It Basically deals with landscape structure along with the design of the garden or the open space available. Space planning for a landscape is a perfect blend of landscape contracting, surveying, architecture and civil engineering too.

Properties to make use of both open and closed enclosures must precisely lay a specific space design to make the most efficient plan for their space and resources.

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