Top 5 Landscaping and Hardscaping Trends Of 2020 To Amp Up Your Gardens & Lawns

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No matter which generation you were born into, maintaining and updating your front lawns to match your lifestyle is what everyone strives for. Not all of us find houses where we can redesign the landscapes and hardscapes to blueprint modern-day gardens and lawns as an extension of our comfort zone.

Influenced by contemporary art forms and technological boom, landscape architects have started coming up some mind-boggling designs for the gardens of the 21st century. These designs are skillfully catered to families from all generations and develop a striking, custom and well-maintained outdoor space that benefits the community and the environment.

Although it is hard to judge which hardscape designs could be considered superior to another as all of them create their own unique class, here are five simple yet amazing landscaping and hardscaping ideas that you can introduce into your front lawns and gardens:

Transitional Landscaping:

‘Sleek and simple’ is the mantra of everyone who is opting for 21st-century hardscaping ideas.Tactfully designed outdoor kitchens, subtle yet intriguing sculptures, a modern amalgamation of fire and water structures, etc. are just a few examples of the unique designs that architects have implemented.
Professionals also believe that this modern era of landscaping may see a surprising shift towards simplistic designs that define our lives but emphasizes one’s standard of living.

Elegant & Symmetric Hardscaping:

Be it indoors or outdoors; nothing is more exciting and modern than symmetric patterns and themes.Modern hardscaping architects are coming up with new definitions of symmetry by using patterns like waves, chevron, lattice and basketweave to designs chairs, gates, walkways and patios.Even retaining walls and fire features are being redecorated with out-of-the-box patterns that stand out.

Infinite Shades of Blue:

In 2020, blue might be your thing.With many paint manufacturing companies declaring shades of blue as their colours of the year, you might find a colour you wouldn’t have imagined before.Experts are also saying that people are already using blue to add a hue shade to their front and also looking for unique shades of blue in sculptures, water fountains, plants, etc.

Automated Irrigation Systems:

Water usage for irrigating gardens has also become a growing concern, and the nuclear families are tackling it with IoT (Internet Of Things) integration techniques.New automated devices and smart systems that can efficiently manage gardens and lawns are entering the market.
These devices are WiFi and internal connectivity through which they strive to conserve more water and save you more money in the long run.

Customized To Redefine:

We all have our unique comfort zones. But when it comes to gardening, homeowners are not leaving any stone unturned by utilizing their fertile space to produce out-of-the-ordinary items such as edible foods for farm-to-table dining, including fruits, vegetables and even herbs.These ideas aren’t limited by space, as homes that have tight spaces are being upgraded with container gardens, vertical gardens and interiorscaping to create an outdoor garden oasis.

Liked these ideas? There’s more to come, as the landscape architects in Pune are continually striving to develop more unique spaces every day. If you’re looking for such out-of-the-box landscape design architects in Pune who can help you beautify your gardens and lawns, then Sovereign Architects is the way to go. To learn more about their contemporary designs, visit the Sovereign website today.

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