Understanding The Influence Of Mid-Century Modern Designs In Millenial Lifestyle

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You might find the terms ‘grandmillenials’ being popping up to define millennials who have chosen the old traditional designs in interior and furnishing to reinvent their way of living to match the charm and elegance of the mid-20th-century homes. And this isn’t a personal choice-thing anymore; in fact, it is being recognised as a substantial cultural shift which is tracing back to the design concepts of the old times. This reinventing of the modern homes with traditional concepts is something a post-WW-I Author Cara Greenberg summed up in a term, ‘Mid-Century Modern’.

This yearning for traditionally sober and subtle decor didn’t influence an entire generation overnight. Just like most interior designers believe, when every home start to feel like the same thing, the desire for something new finds its roots in society. And this yearning was triggered in the past decade when every modern design trend only felt like a deceiving amalgamation of various designs already being rejected by people. Also, as millennials were never exposed to the brave and vivid concepts of the 1950s, it was still a discovery for them altogether.

Another major factor that catalysed this neo-traditional shift was the prominence of quantity over quality practised by the late 1980 designers and manufacturers. Less innovative, repetitive design concepts were sold in the name of futurism and cheaper costs. A mish-mash of irrelevant and emotionless design flooded the market as modernisation brought more jobs and the number of new homeowners skyrocketed. A lot of meaningless and uncomfortable furnishing designs emerged which were marketed with a promise of the future and were only meant for bulk production and endless profiting.

However, as the new era of designers, who were fed up to their teeth by what modern living had come to, emerged in the early 21st century, they found their solutions in the history of decor concepts. They realised that the true essence of interior designing is in comfort and meaningfulness; it was that simple. They looked for cleaner and clearer designs which, instead of confusing and underwhelming the creative eye, integrated simplicity with a stylistic approach.

The colour palettes and furnishing structures that the designers of the mid-20th-century came up with, were meant to please and comfort the human eye while the simple and emphatic fabric designs were meant to create a harmonic character.

And today, millennial homes are being decorated with similar philosophies of simplicity and vividness. Traditionally designed wooden chairs and vibrant fabrics are making a major comeback. Less-cluttered and subtle furnishing layouts that efficiently utilise the spaces are in more demand. Minimalism is the mantra of most millennials which is being quenched by customised designs that are simply beautiful, totally comfortable, and culturally timeless.

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