5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Dream House

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In a country like India, building your own house is considered one of the highest achievements in life. More and more people today prefer a secluded house which they can design from their own aspirations rather than the multistorey apartments. However, building a reliable and comforting home requires more than just ambition and imagination; it requires calculating numerous topographical factors, engineering knowledge, and articulate arrangement of spaces. Hence, before you grab a pen and paper and jump right into designing your dream home, here are some essential questions which you need to ask yourself and get the right answers for:

Is My Land Appropriate For Construction?

Legal authorization isn’t the only factor you should be considering, as the topographical structure, size, orientation, and soil quality are of great concern. The length and width of your land will decide how the rooms will be arranged, so a piece of land that is too elongated on any side can create trouble while designing. If the site is hilly and irregular, it’ll be more expensive to lay the foundation than a flat place. The quality of soil decides how deep your foundation must be laid and how many floors you can build. After considering all these factors, If you find your land to be economically fit for construction, you may proceed. 

Is the House Design Well-Aligned Geospatially?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of orienting a house and its rooms to get the best out of the environmental elements like sunlight, wind, earth’s magnetic field, etc. It is always recommended to consult a Vastu Shastra expert while designing your home. From your living room to your bathroom, every space has its unique purpose, which requires a specific orientation. Make sure your home is designed to have maximum privacy and spaciousness with only necessary allotment to each room.

How Much Openness Does The House Need?

Glass walls and open concept kitchens might intrigue your conscience for sure, but you must remember that the more open your house is to the outside, the lesser will be your privacy. Unless your land is surrounded by greenery or a landscape view, you should carefully consider how you place your windows and balconies. 

Will The Design Suit My Family’s Needs?

A house is a home, only when it keeps a family happy. Your home is not only an investment but an essential need for your family members to enjoy their privacy while having easy access to the entire house. Think about what kind of room would help your parents relax, or your kids would comfortably group up in. Consult your family members about their aspirations towards this new home and balance all their requirements in the best way possible.

Should I Consider Consulting An Expert?

The risk of designing your house with your own intuition is; if you get one thing wrong, you’ll have to spend heavily on renovations. Hence, it is always better to seek help from architects and designers who specialize in nullifying such mistakes and bringing out the true beauty of your space. 

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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