7 Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

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A high-end looking home is a dream come true for every house owner. Home is where life happens. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning or celebration night of your business achievement, your home should never lose its warmth and calming effect, which certainly comes with interior designing and architecture.

As a well-known architect and interior designer in Pune, we understand that not everyone wants to flow their cash on home interiors and décor. But, everyone wants a perfectly-designed home. The good news is, Sovereign Architects has come up with some sneakiest ways to design an elegant-looking home on a budget of your choice. Let’s get started!

Lighting Arrangement

The lighting source of your home can make or break the look and feel of your home interior. People looking for an energetic vibe around their living space emphasize bringing the natural light inside the house. Wide-open windows, tinted glass doors, and light shades of drapes are the perfect way to channel the natural light inside your living space.

If your house doesn’t have enough exposure to natural light, focus on choosing the right lighting accessories. You don’t have to empty your wallet to glam up space. Choose pendant lighting and hang it at the center of the area. Add some traditional table lamps in the corners of the room for a touch of luxury. You can also add dimmer switches to adjust the lighting and make a room look expensive.

Large Scale Art

To give your home an artistic touch, you don’t have to buy a Picasso art. An oversize, attention-grabbing art piece is fine to uplift the feel of the entire space. Interior designers in Pune reveal that art has a personal significance and should be a part of every residential and commercial interior designing. You can shop for a masterpiece art at some estate sale at a lower price. Invest your time choosing the right art with a backstory rather than searching for the lowest price tag. It is not every day you will change the wall art of your living space. You can discuss with an interior designer as well, and they shall recommend some of the budget-friendly options for creative décor.

Mix-up Everything

Incorporating variety in your space is the coolest way to look all classy and sassy. Choose a specific shade of a colour. Use different shades of the same colour while choosing your sofa, chair, mirrors, and rugs. Throw some soft, silky pillows on the couch to balance the warmth and energy of your home. Whether you choose a glass or wooden accessory, always remember to either match or mix up everything.

Bring in the Metallic

Metals are well-known for their royal and expensive feel. A metallic clock, a pedestal table, high-gloss paint, metallic wallpapers, and light fixtures with a metallic finish are all you need to glam-up the entire space. Metallic accessories look vintage and regal. It uplifts your fancy quotient and tricks your guest into assuming you have created a high-end, expensive interior home décor.

Detailing Really Matters

No matter how much amount you invest in your home décor, if you skip the minute details, you lose adding a personal touch to the entire space. The concept of crown molding is trending among millennials. It completes the whole look and feel of your home. From ceilings to walls, the crown molding concept will create a significant impact on your interiors. Try to keep variations among the molding such as high baseboard, ceiling beams, medallions, rails, columns, etc. Above all, crown molding is inexpensive and comes with an assurity of elegance.

Heightened Ceilings

No, we are not asking you to break the bricks and walls of your home and extend the ceiling. Instead, you can create an illusion of heightened ceilings and walls. Fix a long mirror on the wall that reflects your ceilings and floor. Another option is to use colourful shades of wallpaper that matches with your interiors and surroundings. You can also create a layered lighting concept to draw your guests’ attention on the ceilings and attached walls.

Just Paint It

If you are running out of ideas, simply paint the walls in with a couple of coats to dramatically change the look of your space. You can use a lighter shade of colour if you want the accessories to be kept in focus. Or else, if you’re going to go with minimal accessories, choose a bold colour to compensate for the decorative accent of your house.

Are you looking for expert advice on interior design for home? Sovereign Architects can help you create, re-create, enhance, and shape every corner of your house to bring that calming-effect to your home. Our services are also extended to commercial interior designing and architecture. You can get in touch with our experts today for further queries and home-related concerns.

Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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