3 Essential Factors To Consider Before Outlining Your Home Design

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Now that you’re mentally and financially prepared to build your own house where your family can live and flourish, there are a few things you must not forget in your excitement. Erecting a house is a long and pesky task, and you must always remain conscious and patient throughout. And before you go on to put together fancy looking layouts and unrealistic expectations for your house, there are a few things you must calmly analyze and think about to ensure your home remains sturdy, convenient, and elegant for decades to come.

The Site Quality:

The first thing you need to understand is the surroundings, soil strata, and topography of the land you plan to develop. You should consult an architect if necessary to understand the quality of soil and the number of floors it can support. 

The material budget for your house’s foundation will greatly vary based on the topography of your particular piece of land. 

More importantly, you must also consider if the surrounding area and its population would be comfortable for your family. A home is the most significant investment you’ll make, so ensure that your land and plan are worth it.


The number of rooms you plan to arrange should be prudent and optimal. Considering how much the family might grow, or the guests you’ll typically receive, you must only have the necessary number of rooms that can be made as spacious as possible. 

As for the arrangement of those rooms, your family’s privacy and accessibility should be prioritized over the home’s looks and luxury. Perform some research on the best ways to position different rooms for easy access and privacy.

Natural Climate, Light & Wind:

This is one of the vital factors that you must never overlook to save money or maintain the house’s visual aesthetics. Sunlight and wind majorly contribute to the hygiene of your home and the strength of its walls. Hence, try to position your kitchen, bedroom, and living room so that they receive the necessary light and air throughout the day. 

If the natural climate at your site is overly rainy, sunny, or windy, make sure to add essential structural quirks to your home design to provide maximum comfort and safety to your family and furniture round the year. 

If you read about Vastu Shastra, you might be able to learn some unique points about this factor.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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