10 Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

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Home is where the heart is. From elated moments to melancholic time, our house has witnessed it all. Certainly, nothing can replace the comfort we get in our homes. And we also make every possible effort to keep it up-to-date by precisely using our home decor skills.

With trends changing every minute, choosing the best way to adorn your haven can get a little challenging. Interior Designers in Pune desire for our home to appear both sophisticated and contemporary, maybe with a little traditional touch too. Confused on what exactly to choose? Have a look on some of the smart ideas to enhance your interiors.

Play with colours: Colours play an important role in defining the ambience of a space. While darker shades make a room look smaller, light shades make it look bit spacious. Some colours can lead to anxiety and sleep problems, choose the right colours that are both eye-pleasing and does not affect your health.

Play with colours

Accentuate with mirrors: While mirrors help in amplifying the look and feel of a particular space, they also illustrate a certain character of the space. It’s not necessary to put large mirrors only, placing small mirror pieces on top of shelves and cabinets can also enhance the visual appeal.

Accentuate with mirrors

Merge classic and modern designs: A blend of both vintage and contemporary design has become the talk of town. Match your preferences from your elder and younger ones and create a unique mood at your place.

Merge classic and modern designs

Right lighting is a must: By right lighting we mean not too bright and not too dim illumination. Use chic lighting fixtures with efficient lights like LEDs to give a posh look to your interiors.

Right lighting

Declutter the wirings: Wires dangling around the house are not only aesthetically unpleasing but also induce the risk of short circuits and haphazard. Keep all the wires of the home appliances installed behind the wall to avoid inconvenience.

Give a personal touch: Putting personal pictures and self-made paintings is the best way to bestow the homeowners with a homely and cozy feeling.

Place your couch appropriately: While it is not a good idea to get your photographs clicked against the light, it is just opposite in the case of furniture. Placing your couch under a window can strike a serene ambiance.

Go for symmetry: Placing artefacts in symmetry is one of the chic options to make your interiors look magnificent. Two frames, two side tables, two lamps, etc. to achieve a symmetrical look.

Bring in carpets for bigger floor areas: Use carpets to delineate big spaces like living room, study area, an entertainment nook, or any other special places. This idea is most preferable for studio spaces too.

Choose your furnishings appropriately: Careful selection of a furniture style is important to ensure smooth movement in the house. Avoiding protruding and blunt designs is recommended to avoid even smallest of mishaps.

Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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