4 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Apartment’s Interior

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Your apartment is your sanctuary. It is something that you proudly own and rejoice in with your friends and family. And when it comes to dressing up your precious apartment, i.e., doing the interior decor, you want it to have everything you can offer. But that mentality may lead to some regrettable decor decisions.

Our Interior designers and architects in Pune have worked with several clients who were excited about their new apartment and went overboard with certain elements, and we had to pull their minds back on the right track. They say it’s only natural to be excited, but interior designing is a skill that requires you to channel your excitement into ‘calculated creativity.’ And here are some insightful factors that our interior designers suggest to keep in mind when planning your apartment’s interior:

Be Realistic With Your Plan:

You’re about to build your euphoria, but that doesn’t mean you start building on Sic-Fi ideas. Choosing furniture and artworks simply because they look ‘cool’ is the worst design strategy one can have. 

Realistic Plan

First, you must calculate a generous but safe budget to spend on different aspects, and then you must figure out your space and what elements can fit in each room without crowding up the place. There’s no point in filling up space if you can’t walk or spend time in it. 

The last realistic step is to limit the number of furniture and artworks to only what is essential, as an extra-luxurious chair, showpiece, or a modern corner table isn’t worth it if you have no space or use for it.

Be Thorough With Each Element:

Good design is about the details; it’s about emphasizing every small element and integrating it to add to the entire room’s theme.

Every vase, every painting, planter, curtain, and showpiece should have a purpose to be in that room. Unwanted or extravagant elements disrupt the overall design idea.

This also applies to the color scheme and positioning of different elements. You’ll have to place your furniture and other furnishings such that they all get their fair share of attention while maintaining a harmonious theme.

Be Thoughtful Of Every Functionality:

The design of your apartment must be oriented to the needs and behavior of your family and visiting guests. Hence, if your living room is relatively larger and the furniture feels too spread out, try and divide the space with separate seating and tables, say to watch TV on one side while having group conversations on the other.

Your kitchen and dining space can be combined around the same space, but it isn’t a good idea if it leaves no room for easy walking or essential storage. Even your bed and other bedroom furniture should be measured to fit their places with maximum accessibility.

Be Holistic:

Apartment rooms readily blend into every other room do to their blocked designs. So you’ll have to visualize the entire apartment as one while planning every individual room’s elements.

Be open to new colors and patterns that can be repeated throughout the rooms. Plan your wall colors and lightnings to create an even and stabilized atmosphere throughout the house.

It’s OK if you’re feeling stuck at a point where you might need professional help. In fact, seeking help from a professional interior designer in Pune can prove the best decision you can make right now. And If you’re willing to, Sovereign Architects & interior designers in Pune can help you achieve your interior decor goals with the most futuristic elements and themes. Before you make any decision, you can simply reach out to us with your expectations and desires, and we can even help you with quirky tips and tricks over the call, or perhaps over a cup of coffee.

Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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