7 Improved Tips To Remember While Designing A Modern-Day Kid’s Bedroom

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The young brains of our kids continuously need peripheral information to learn and adapt to their surroundings. They are more reactive to visual and auditory information until they reach adolescence. In fact, a famous neurologist has suggested that a 22-week-old child’s brain is capable of writing theatre screenplays if nurtured with enough information in a creative environment!

And the room your kids grow up in plays a vital role in this growth factor. Designing your kids’ bedroom isn’t about stuffing it with the things they like; instead, it’s about creating an environment where they feel optimistic, happy, and comfortable. 

Hence, you’ll need to be knowledgeable of what your kids need in a room before you go on to design or redesign their bedroom. To overcome this unique challenge, you can read through different interior design tips for kids’ bedrooms found online. But essentially, all kids are exceptional, and you will need a unique approach to decorate your kid’s bedroom as well. 

So to get you started, our top Architects and interior designers at Sovereign have compiled some essential interior design tips for kids’ bedrooms which they’ve learned through their experience over the years. These tips are only the foundation strategy for designing a modern-day kids’ bedroom, and you’ll have to improvise them to cater to your kids’ desires.

Use Visually Intriguing Elements:

Any growing child is strongly drawn towards new and entertaining visuals and sounds, which is why they are so drawn to cartoon characters. Children also form strong emotional connections with different objects and elements around them. 

Hence, the visual elements you install in their rooms will significantly affect their growing mind as well. Of course, you must consider their likes and dislikes extensively, but you mustn’t wholly rely on them.

You can search the market for different wall posters, soft toys, or decorative pieces designed for kids’ rooms. The glowing radium stickers of the solar system are the most common example of its kind. 

Cartoon characters, world maps, animals, or even trees and plants can make great visual aspects in your kids’ room. As for the sound elements, instead of a TV screen, we’d suggest installing a music system where they can play their favorite songs and rhymes.

Pay Extra Attention To Colors & Patterns:

Needless to say, colors have a strong impact on our emotions and logical understanding. Especially in kids, colors and geometric patterns are essential to learn and differentiate the names and functions of different objects. 

Try to add furnishing elements with different color palates that create a harmonized theme throughout the room.  This includes everything from bedsheets, blinds, rugs to wall panels, and cabinets.

Use learning games and toys to accustom them to various shapes and figures. But make sure all the colors and patterns are visually pleasing and do not distract or clutter a specific section of the room.

Find Easy & Fun Storage Options:

interior design tips for kids

We all want our kids to be organized. We want them to tidy their rooms on their own. However, have you ever thought of designing a space that would inspire them to be organized?

If you enable your kids to segregate and organize their stuff in easy and fun ways, you can ensure that they develop it as a habit over time. 

Think of smart shelves and wall cabinets where they can arrange a display of their cherished collection of toys and books. Look for stylish cabinet tables for fitting study materials and beds with easy pull-out drawers for their miscellaneous stuff.

You can even install a small wardrobe for their school and casual clothing to learn to handle their clothes from an early age.

Find Quirky Beds & Mattresses:

If you don’t want your kids to complain about not feeling sleepy or being reluctant to go to bed, you will have to invest some extra thought and budget into their sleeping tools. Also, a child’s body grows more while sleeping, so finding the right bed type is of utmost importance.

Kids tend to love colorful cartoon-printed pillows and sheets, as long as they are soft and comfortable. You can research about mattresses that are designed for kids’ beds and are suitable for their growth and health.

Don’t forget to consider the bedroom size and other elements present and choose a bed that’ll leave enough moving space between them.

Work Zones Are A Must:

Architect and interior designer in Pune

Kids love their drawing tables and desks much more than you can imagine. If you don’t want them to paint the room walls and staircases, you better keep a separate “working zone” where they can utilize their creativity on papers.

Fundamentally, kids learn specific actions by looking at their parents. So when they find you working on your laptop at your study table, they’ll want to have one for themselves too. 

A wiser option is to create a makeshift working area with a preferably matching chair and table and a writing board with enough art supply.

Don’t Forget The Lights:

A well-lit room creates a fresh and positive environment. But for kids’ bedroom, try to get in as much natural light you can, as it’s good for the eyes and the morning sun rays are known to purify the air.

Fairy lights are a good choice for decorative purposes as they are easy on the eyes and add a pleasant look to the room at night.

As for the walls, prefer evenly spaced white LEDs that are soft and bright. Bedside lamps and study lamps also make a great addition as task lights at night.

Never Make Permanent Changes:

Though placed at the last, this is the most vital point to remember throughout the process — never make any permanent changes to the room’s design and structure. 

As your kids grow, their choices and desires will change drastically year after year. They’ll want you to add, remove, or change various aspects of their bedroom, such as wall colors, furniture, artworks, bed positions, etc.

Hence, it is more than wise to stick to easily replaceable elements, such as removable wallpapers, movable furniture, not-too-expensive artworks, etc. Also, leave some room for more add-ons as you learn more interior design tips for kids’ bedrooms every day.

Several Interior designers in Pune are mainly focusing on developing kids’ bedrooms in innovative and inspiring ways. Our team at Sovereign Architects, for example, has always tried to put more effort and emphasis on kids’ rooms every time we’ve worked on a residential project. If you’re looking for good residential interior designers in Pune for upgrading your kids’ room, we can surely offer some unique and contemporary ideas. If you’re willing to have a quick call, you can always reach out to us via the Sovereign Architects website, and we’ll help you with all your interior design needs promptly.

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