These 4 Design Ideas Can Help You Create Immense Space In Your Small Compact Kitchen

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The small kitchen design trend is making a big difference in the way architects are blueprinting apartments these days. Since it is a limitedly used space and doesn’t ask for much attention in terms of interior design, most 2BHK and 3BHK flats come with a relatively smaller kitchen with a separate dining space. But this compressed kitchen version can often be insufficient in terms of storage. It may look crowded with the addition of even the smallest furniture pieces or appliances. 

The primary issue here is optimal storage management. And to ensure that your small kitchen looks elegant and well compartmentalize, here’s what our interior designers in Pune suggest:

Putting The Essentials On The Wall:

When the walls are too close to each other, overhead cabinets may make things more difficult to keep or retrieve. In which case, you can opt for open shelves and racks that are artistic and sturdy. 

All your essential spices, spoons, and utensils can be arranged in the order of usability over these shelves and racks. 

You’ll be surprised by the amount of space multilevel wall-mounted appliances create without looking bulgy or congested. We suggest you check out some designs for those as well.

Create Spacious Cabinets: 

While planning the interior design for kitchen cabinets, add only a minimal number of cabinets with ample space to fit different kitchen accessories and products.

Creating multiple small cabinets will eat up a lot of valuable space and reduce the options for keeping specific utensils. 

And make smart use of the corners, since there are various corner pull-out cabinet designs available in the market.

Compartmentalize Your Bottles, Grains & Flours:

Though you’ll try and keep your number of utensils to a minimum, you’ll still need those extra spacious bottom compartments for your monthly ration and any extra treats and snacks.

Many Architect and interior designer in Pune are now adding modular wall cupboards away from the countertop to maintain walking space and store all the bottled, canned, and bagged food items separately.

These kitchen cupboards are relatively flat and do not consume much space visually while adding extra free storage space to your compact kitchen.

Invest in Decorative Yet Functional Elements:

To ensure your kitchen doesn’t look plain or detached from the rest of your interior, invest more in finding storage containers and utensils that are readily crafty and will work as showpieces over the shelves and walls. 

Look for wall hanging cutlery holders and pouches. You can even find beautiful decorative bowls and canisters that may go with your interior theme over the internet.

However, don’t compromise over functionality, and keep your kitchen minimalistic. 

And you feel stuck at any point during the process, you can always visit the Sovereign website and reach out to our highly experienced Interior designers in Pune for quick tips and consultations.

Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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