5 Common Areas That Are Often Ignored While Redesigning Homes

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Home is not just walls; it is the reflection of your emotions and desires. Every individual needs their own space to attain supreme comfort and mental satisfaction. You might have ideas to make your home lively, but Home Interior Designer combines their visualization with your recommendations to bring the best version of your dream home.

There are many Interior Designers in Pune who design a dream house where you can find your cozy corner. There are a few spots in the house, which are often ignored or left out in designing. You own every inch of your space, so you need to harness the maximum benefits of all the essential spots excluded from revamping.

  1. Balcony– A balcony is a source to connect with the outside world. You love to sit there, listen to the chirping of birds, do yoga, talk to neighbors, enjoy sublime sunset, or just like to swing. You can make your balconies more beautiful and productive by using artificial grass turf and mini garden, foldable chairs you might need while reading or enjoying tea, a swing, a beautiful bulb, and a permanent bench.
  2. Gallery- It is a place you pass through so many times in a day. It can be utilized for attracting attention. Suggest your designer with your ideas to make the place beautiful. You can use a modern glossy chandelier, use some inspirational quotes, or showcase your memories on walls. You can also use a mirror on the wall so that you see your final glimpse before leaving the house for work or an outing.
  3. Lounge Area– Many houses have a separate lounge area, while many prefer to have it in the bedroom. It is preferable because the lounge gives you the freedom to enjoy your leisure activity. The pandemic has struck a momentum in demand of lounge area while designing.
  4. Dry Balcony or Laundry– Generally, it is ignored but can be converted to super-efficient and functional space. It can be used to iron, store clothes and keep washing machines, and even dry clothes in the sun. Generally, this space may be part of a balcony or someplace that receives enough sunlight.
  5. Staircases- Not all houses have staircases, and those who do, generally do not utilize them to their fullest potential. Stairs can be used judiciously for storage and decorative purpose. The section under the staircase can be turned into a pantry or cabinet. It can even be used as a doghouse; just keep a few toys and a bed, and your dog will love its place. Each stair step can also be utilized as a drawer for storing stuff.

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Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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