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Walls play a significant role in adding zest to your life. Sight influences our mood and sets the day for us. People understand the value of accentuating decor and participate eagerly in creating the ambiance of their homes. The architect and interior designers in Pune are aware of their clients’ desires and the emotions they want to express and utilize walls as a canvas to reflect their vibe.

Here, we present you with seven amazing ideas for decorating the walls in your home sweet home.

#1  Handcrafted wall

You can dedicate a wall to your skills and hobbies. You can doodle on it, or add the covers of the best books you have read or paint it. An inventive step will not only boost your confidence but will give walls a personal touch.

 #2  Decals/ Wallpapers

If you like to change the decor after every few months or years, then decals are an excellent option for you. You can choose a decal in sync with your furnishings like furniture, couch, and wardrobe, and you will be sorted. You will get better designs, which is a limitation in the case of painted walls.

#3  Enlarged pictures

You can use maps,  a family picture, or even your project work. Besides teaching your child or reminding yourself of your best memories, enlarged pictures add a stunning accent and functionality to your walls.

#4  Chalkboard Wall 

 If you have kids at home, it’s a nightmare to maintain the walls, as children love to scribble on them. If you have a chalkboard wall, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Your children will get a canvas to scribble on, plus it will accentuate the decor of your room.

#5   Mirrors

Mirrors add a dashing look to your room and magnify the appearance of the room and make it appear more spacious. You can use mirrors in your living room, gallery, or kitchen even.

#6   Recycled products

 You can dedicate at least one wall for the use of recycled products as a craft. Browse in google to make various DIY recycled products that you can showcase on walls. You can use handcrafted wallhangings, collage, a newspaper, plastic bottles, or handpainted crockery plates.

#7  Natural Elements

If you are a nature lover, you would love to add natural elements to the wall. You can try wooden laminates, stone cladding, or textured brick wall that will add a rustic feel to your room. This will make you feel you are closer to nature.

Sovereign Architects in Pune believe in providing you with the best from our end. Our architects and interior designers in Pune invest quality time understanding your expectations and infuse our engineering and creativity to give you a better product than what you expected. We use the latest technologies to provide the best services on a stringent budget. To learn more ideas, or designing your place, contact our experts.

Vaishali Kawalkar

Vaishali Kawalkar

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