Exploring More Into Dwelling Units: The Latest Contemporary Art Of Interior Designing- Sovereign Architects

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Architects in Pune

There is so much we plan about owning our space. The architects in Pune turn our vision into reality by invigorating their passion and creativity into building spaces. Interior designing is such a dynamic field that keeps changing without any timeline. 

The demand for modern contemporary designing has increased demand for the best architects/ interior designers in Pune. The latest trends in contemporary interior designing include elemental analysis of details. Some of the tips architects in Pune are following to enliven your space are as follows:

  1. Light Up The Spaces

The modern concept in interior designing, using customized lighting fittings that suits your lifestyle. The technology has just pushed the bars above to experiment with lighting to increase both the appearance ad functionality of spaces. The latest lighting techniques used in houses include

  • IoT devices
  • Wireless Lighting 
  • Customised LED lighting fittings
  • Built-in light
  • LiFi, etc
  1. Natural Furnishings

Interior Designers look for in-depth elemental analysis of natural furnishings other than classic materials such as wood or tiles. Also, earlier ignored spaces such as the ceiling are given importance. Apart from the murals, the wooden or stone engraved ceilings are stealing the show, casting a better impression on your guest. You, too, can do a brief research on using different materials and ask your interior designer to do some magic using it. Some latest natural themes used in modern designing are shells, grass, wicker, feather, ratan, etc.

  1. In Touch With Nature

We must be in touch with nature. Interior designers understand this, and designing airy spaces and sunrooms is in their concept. The natural element has a lot of significance; along with restoring a healthy atmosphere, they bring positivity and well-being to the house. Boulder-sized windows, flexible ventilation, and mirrors are some innovative ideas used by designers as tools to allow nature to enter your dwelling units. The plants are occupying spaces in your rooms and workspace, enlivening your space.

  1. Fun Elements

Fun elements pep up our mood for the day and enhance our imagination, thus extremely necessary these days. Little things bring big changes. Adding small fun elements in your house not only adds to aesthetics but also the functionality. Some examples are

  • Dream Wall
  • Hexagonal Designs
  • Flashlights
  • Colourful window panes allowing colourful lights to enter rooms.
  • A gigantic aquarium
  • Moony chandelier (jhoomars)
  1. Less Is More

Space that we own is very costly. Everything that occupies physical space should have utility in ten folds. The modern concept state,” Clear the clutter”. The more things are occupying spaces, the less space you will get for movements, the more cluttered your space will get. Free up space to look more spacious and airy. Use innovative organisers that are stackable and can accommodate commodities, freeing space for you.

Sovereign architects are one of the leading architectural firms in Pune. Our strength is our core team of top architects in Pune,  constantly endeavouring to improvise them and using the latest technology for better effectiveness. For more ideas on interior design, reach out to our experts.



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