Top 9 Trending Interior Designing Ideas for Residential Apartments

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Whether you live in a high-rise apartment of a modern city or a quaint house in a small town, vibrance and elegance are something you can create in any Indian home, limitless to its location, size, and shape. With this in mind, our interior designers in Pune have unveiled some out-of-box interior designing ideas. Let’s have a look!

Choose a base style

Designing a house from scratch is the most daunting task, but once you choose a base style, the other trends can be designed around this space. Merge a natural tone of stone wall with a vibrant wall painting to break the monotony of a single element on a long wall. You can also personalize an area of this wall and install open spaces to the other to bring the best of both worlds.

Lighting Arrangement

Pick a lighting style such that your home looks beautiful from morning to evening. Go for a chandelier in the living room and string lights for the dining hall. The kitchen looks functional with LED bulbs fixed above the countertops, and the bedroom should have dimmers to give that relaxing and soothing environment after a hectic day.

Reflecting Glory

Place a high-end mirror in the corner of your room and witness how mesmerizingly it transforms your entire home decor. When the lighting reflects the mirror, it doubles the beauty quotient of the home.

Add more colors

We Indians love colorful setups. The most intimate room of your house is the bedroom, and it should showcase the best of your personality. Hang a pendant light beside the bed as a cool alternative to the side table lamp. A splash of color across the TV wall brings warmth inside the room.

Invest in good furniture

Essential furniture is a need but can quickly become pointless in your modern apartment design if it doesn’t fit in. Save yourself the impediments and heartache by noting your home’s wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling measurements before starting to design your apartment. Measure the doorways too. Some entryways are very slim for some furniture items to get through.

Plan Sufficient Storage

It’s easy to forget about practical things like storage space when you’re busy planning the decorations. But storage is vital for successful interior design. It keeps items organized and out of the way and opens space for more decor ideas.

Create Multifunctional Spaces

Since households are experiencing remote working and learning at home, creating a multifunctional space is paramount. Doubling up space and functionality is commonly seen in the kitchen and dining room areas. Kitchens with islands can work as a dining table and a workstation. People can cook, eat, socialize, and work all at the same time. Breakfast nooks and kitchen counters eliminate the need for a whole separate room since it cuts out the need for another whole separate room.

High-Contrast Decor

Invest in high-end wall art or painting. It may not be a Picasso painting but unique enough to draw your guest’s attention. A high contrast decor element will help avoid cluttering the space, and most importantly, people love that it looks aged and has a story to it.

Nurture The Nature

The imposed lockdown has restricted the world from getting access to open and green spaces. Therefore, the need to bring greenery inside our home is important than ever. Nurture a kitchen garden on your balcony, terrace, or on the windows. A vertical garden is the go-to solution for those with space constraints. Planning to redesign your home or commercial space? Let’s talk about your project. Connect with our architects and interior designers in Pune today.



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