What is the Role of an Architect in Construction and Design of a School Building?

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School building

A school is probably one of the most important institutions for human beings. It is a safe haven for kids to nurture their personalities, learn new skills, and gain knowledge. Besides, it is also one of the few places most children remember when they grow up. 

Apart from imparting knowledge, a school empowers kids to take up extra-curricular activities. 

But why is the school’s architecture so important? Well, although it may feel secondary, in reality, the design of the building, colour of the school building, the shape of the corridors, and many more elements can provide a positive vibe to the whole place. This is why architects in Pune are increasingly being hired by schools and colleges. 

The best architectural firms in Pune understand that construction, renovation, or redesigning of school buildings requires a high degree of planning and management. Besides, as most schools opt for such developments during holidays, making it a race against time in most cases. 

In such situations, the best architects in Pune will shine through and execute all tasks within the deadline. 

Let’s understand the role of an architect in the construction of a school building. 

Architects primarily look into the safety and design of a building along with a processing plan. In such a situation, the work ‘architect’ translates into a person who is qualified and licensed to take up projects. 

An architect is responsible for planning and executing all tasks from start to end. Besides, an architect is also required to conduct meetings with his/her internal team members and clients to stay on top of all the key activities of the project. 

Here are a few things an architect looks into.

1. Project discussion

After researching and going through the quotations of numerous architectural firms in Pune, the management hires an architect. This marks the start of the project where a broad discussion takes place to understand the requirements of the client. 

2. Drawings

Once an architect has a clear idea of what the client expects from them, they draw a clear layout and structure of the school. 

Traditionally, these drawings were made by hand. However, due to technology, advanced software solutions such as BIM and CAD are being used. 

3. Budget

When you choose Sovereign, the budget should be the last thing you should be worrying about. It is very important for the management to not overspend their funds and ensure the project fits into the budget. 

Very often, customers tend to compromise on quality to save money. However, in the long run, they end up spending more due to frequent repairs, touch-ups, and other small adjustments.

4. Execution

Once all the pieces are in place, the only thing that is left to be done is executed within the given deadline. 

If you are looking to construct a new school or renovate an existing campus, you can get in touch with Sovereign by writing to us or calling us on the number mentioned on our website.  



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