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cafe interior

The trend has changed from going to hotels and restaurants to going to theme-based and specialty-based food restaurants. cafes are a recent trend. It’s a place where you can hang out with your friends and have a brainstorming session regarding topics like philosophy, books, politics, meetings, or even study. Some cafes even have game hubs and libraries.

Why are cafe interior design and exterior so important?

The key to a successful and popular cafe is the cafe interior design.  It attracts customers. The cafe interior and the ambiance plays the role of giving them some different vibes and space to carry out their activities or have a good time.

The theme, food, colour, design, materials used, type of chairs and tables, the lights, are very important factors to consider for designing a cafe. Customers have more focus on the atmosphere and cafe interior decor than how tasty the coffee or food is.

Here are some cafe decor tips one can consider for their cafe interior design and exterior. 

 1. Heart-warming and welcoming exterior.

If you have any certain theme in your mind for the cafe, try to stick to it and work on the details. The logo of the cafe should be more appealing. Exterior attracts the consumers immediately, so keep a simple yet unique logo for the cafe which can easily be visible and would speak more about your ideas and cafe. 

2. A clear theme or concept.

Some of the cafes are themed or concept-based, for example, John Silver cafe which is popular in America for continental food is inspired by a cartoon character portraying a pirate. Similarly, if you have any particular theme like a library, a car cafe, or a wooden-based theme, focus on implementing such objects and themes for the overall decor.

3. The light settings.

The lighting of the cafe plays an important role when you have a certain theme on your mind. If you choose improper light settings then the whole concept can be ruined. So selecting proper lights and where to focus them.  For example, more on the dining tables, or towards any unique object or centerpiece in the cafe can add more effect. Especially if your cafe has a children’s section. Then lighting in the toys section would attract them. Similarly, you don’t need more lights in dark colour themes or coffee places. The lights over the dining space or floors can be replaced with decorative lamps or hangings.

4. Try to showcase local art.

Many times even though we have a concept or idea in mind, we are confused about how to add it to the ambiance. You can try hanging some paintings or local art related to your concept or can have a “wall of thoughts or ideas”, it’s another way to attract customers. It would be a statement wall where different ideas are displayed together. Many cafes have such art gallery-based interior design which is very impressive and keeps customers engaged for a longer time.

 5. Minimizing and balance.

Over-décor or over-adding accessories and customization in your interior décor can ruin the cafe, while over-lighting and heavy objects are hard to maintain. Keep your cafe simple and stick to the theme you have in mind. You can have some plants or objects which may add more impact to your inside space. But keep in mind the objects don’t block the entrance or free moving space for customers.  Less is more.

To help you with the cafe interior design and decor themes, you can contact our design experts, who will help you with unique ideas and try to fulfill your expectations and requirements for your upcoming projects.



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