2021 Office Furniture Decor Trends: New Era Of Office Decor

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office chairs & desks creatively arranged

Gone are the days when offices used to be a simple space with large cabins and just tables and chairs. The definition of office and work has changed in current times. Employees are provided with a lot of facilities to work smoothly.  The office interior is important because it provides a creative environment for the employees and motivates them to come to the office daily. Imagine walking in your office that has dull colors and inconvenient facilities. No one would like to work at such places.

Providing a warm and happening environment in the office interior is essential. It makes the workspace look more fascinating and admirable. Also, office decor adds to the look of your company or industry. Therefore, to help you design your office, below are a few suggestions to achieve the best office decor.

10 tips for office furniture and interior design

1. Use textures:  

Textures are the most trending and never out of fashion for interior designs.  Select the texture design with care; don’t design it like a living room. It should be formal and look standard. The simple textured walls can be combined with some wall hangings or wall art to look at a modern office with unique office decor. When you choose to have textured walls instead of normal ones, you don’t need to add more on wall decor as texture walls don’t require extra finishings. 

2. Perfection with simplicity:

Maintaining the perfect decor with simplicity is the main goal to create office interior design. Making office space comfortable can be achieved by structuralizing furniture and keeping gaps and space between all the equipment. In addition, make sure the floor has enough space to walk and move, and the furniture is aligned properly. Finally, keep it simple with the necessary furniture and open space.

3. Multifunctional furniture: 

Multifunctional furniture is the latest trend in decor. You don’t need to match everything with the same color and material. You can select wooden furniture and with contrasting color shades to the wall and ambiance of the office.  You can combine multifunctional tables, large fancy chairs, and compartments or shelves for a private cabin. To make the floor more spacious and comfortable sitting, you can attach few sleeves on the walls that make less furniture on the floor and an organized look. 

4. Wire, data, and lighting: 

Cables and lights play an important role in office decor or interior decor. Proper lights with a suitable wiring system save labor and are easy to relocate and safe for usage. In addition, a proper selection of lights adds more reflection and look to the office interior.

Various modular wire and cable and backup systems provide smooth functioning of office work without interruption. Also, you can make use of ceilings for unique lighting lamps and wall light hangings. 

5. Sitting arrangement: 

Keep tables and desks simple with plain colors. Don’t focus too much on desk arrangements for employees. Simple and comfortable desks are important. You can add ideas in sitting arrangements in the cafeteria or hangout places in the office or waiting areas. You can give some home-like touch in the cafeteria and open terrace or room spaces to sit like a sofa with multi color cushions and fancy chairs and tables.

6. Color scheme: 

The color scheme is a difficult part to decide. It should be attractive, simple, and also formal. According to the latest trends, many interior designers prefer melamine color schemes. Colors like dark wood wenge, black and white combination, pearl white and occur, silver, blood red, grey, mystic blue are most favored colors.

Select the colors that match the furniture in some sense; don’t select an opposite color theme. Choose contrast shades. The shades represent the environment of your office.

7. Extraordinary cabinets:

An extraordinary table at the reception catches attention and makes a style statement. You can do the same for cabinets and other office tables. They give a unique look and design to your office decor. In addition, placing irregular furniture or items in the spaces can speak more about your company’s identity and ideology. The furniture of antiques can be your brand-related or work-related, or out-of-the-blue idea. For example, an actual large ship model in the office for a shipping company.

8. Workplace station:

Keep in mind the size of the office floor, number of employees, and equipment that will be essential. Then decide the size of the computer desk and chairs. Finally, try providing some private space for an individual’s desk to hang papers, pen, files, and comfortable space for keyboard and writing. However, don’t make the workspace for the employee too compact and uncomfortable; it leads to constant disturbances and discomfort while working.

9. Meeting room designs:

Meetings rooms are something that is the face of the company. Most of the companies try to showcase a lavish attitude for meeting room decor. But the times have changed. You can take the liberty of designing meeting rooms. It can be an unusual concept with unique designs. 

The traditional concept of large tables and quiet rooms gives low-energy vibes. Instead, you can design a meeting room where all the thoughts and ideas are welcomed. You can add audio-visual screens, 3D model displays, centralized air conditioning, and temperature control. 

10. Twist it with nature:

The idea can be a little offbeat for many as plants require water and attention and can make premises wet or blockage in the crowdy space for moving. However, there are different types of show plants that require less water and are pretty.  You can keep them in hallways or at an entrance or near reception. different types of colorful plants can be a simple add-on to your exotic-looking office. Also, having nature around us creates a positive atmosphere. 

There are many ideas to decorate or redecorate your office interior. Lots of furniture ideas and themes are available based on the field your company works for. The most important thing is to keep the working space motivating, warm and simple.

Sovereign has the best ideas to help you with the office decor and representation of your work. The office is the face of the company. We help you achieve your goals of creating an attractive and happy place to work. For more ideas on furniture or interior design or redesigning your office, please contact us. We will be happy to be of use. 



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