7 Small Affordable And Fashionable Home Decor Ideas To Add Elegance To Your Space

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Home decor ideas - sovereign architects

Today, people like to change their interior more frequently compared to decades ago. Changing things around once in a while creates positivity and keeps our minds fresh. However, revamping the entire house can be overwhelming. So the best idea is to start with one room at a time. You can check our affordable home decor ideas to transform your space on a small budget.

Here are five small and fashionable low-budget home decor ideas to create a distinguished, Instagram-ready space for you.

1. Mirror: Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors can make a gigantic difference to your space. They can be utilized in galleries, corridors, halls, or in a small space to create a magnified spacious impression while imposing a style statement on guests. For example, our client “ Madhuri” says, “ The idea of putting a mirror in her home’s exiting gallery was phenomenal, and now she can have a final glimpse of perfection before exiting the home for important meetings.”

2. Greens: Creating and Aesthetic and Organic Living

The most simple, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing cheap home decor idea is to decorate them with greens. Skillfully placed greens at particular spots please mind, giving an optimistic feel to be in close proximity to nature. You can choose faux plants, climbers, indoor plants, succulents, and plant frames to add value to your space.

3. Mix It Up 

You can use the passageway or corridor walls to add the oomph factor to it. You can use photos, plates,  empty frames, mirrors, and your creatives all together to articulately decorate the wall, distinguishing it from others and making it worthy of lauding it.

4. Use Your Collection 

If you are the one who loves to collect something, you can use your collections such as book covers, art galleries, books, potteries, or vintage pieces to decorate your house with. In fact, it is quite productive to use them judiciously, showcasing your collections to guests and reminding yourself about your favorites.

5. Pep Up Your Evenings With Soft Lightings

You can add a variety of lighting to lit up your mood. For example, you can use soft lights, light lamps, or candles to create a cozy, warm environment for yourself. However, do not give up on the idea of utilizing ample natural light in the daytime, as natural lighting is immensely important to health.

6. DIY Wall

Have you not invested in decor pieces yet? Nothing to worry about. You can use old bottles, glasses, plates, bangles, and other kinds of stuff to create your own DIY wall. “ Mrs. Sanjana asked us to give a plain baby pink painted wall with elegant silver border on the wall  next to her study, and we were surprised to see how beautifully she transformed the plain wall to enthusiastic DIY decorated wall.

7. Make BIG: a Style Statement

Adding big things draws attention immediately. For example, we can add a big wall clock, a mirror, an accent chair, or a big bar unit to make a clear style statement.

Sovereign has transformed houses into what we call homes. We design versatile spaces, irrespective of their sizes. Our skilled and passionate designers invest quality time in research. Also, we must acknowledge that we have learned a lot from our clients and are still in the learning process.

Choose us for the best interior decorating experience.



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