8 Worthy Elevation Design Ideas for Double Storeyed Or Duplex Buildings

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8 Worthy Elevation Design Ideas for Double Storeyed Or Duplex Buildings

Buying a house is a costly affair, and people want the best value for money. Therefore, if you plan to make a duplex house, you must consider seeking help from a good architect and a designer for elevation designs of the house.

The blueprint of the right elevation design building is prepared after considering the following factors in constructing a duplex house.

  • Ventilation of House
  • Optimal use of space
  • Optimal use of finances
  • Aesthetic and sustainable design
  • Sustainable material
  • Season friendly
  • Good drainage
  • Clients requirements

Sovereign presents to you some interesting elevation designs; you must look into:

Versatile Front Elevation Designs

The latest modern architecture pays special attention to constructing the front of the building. In addition, the designers use profuse materials such as stone, wood, marble to create exteriors that are sustainable in all seasons and aesthetically appealing.

Extended Patio(Porch)

Adequately designing a perfect duplex in space constraints is a tough nut to crack. So, our designers resort to extended porch designs to increase the space to walk around and make it aesthetically appealing.

Artificial Mini Garden On An Elevated Floor

The latest mini garden or little pool concept is very fresh in modern duplex architecture. This is because the duplex provides bigger space for one-family accommodation. Hence, instead of constructing rooms, partial space is utilized in making a mini-garden or small pool to beautify space and give you the utmost satisfaction of enjoying the site scene while remaining in your house.

The Staircase

While making a staircase, designers pay attention to some important aspects of the house, such as whether it is a self-occupied duplex or a double-storeyed flat, positioning staircase, style, and requirement of the staircase. Some interesting elevation designs include staircases involved, glass handle staircase, space-efficient drawers in the staircase, or canny wooden curve designs.

Gallery Parallel To Staircase

The gallery can very well complement the wall beside the staircase. Infact, every step leading towards the next floor can be a gallery panorama that can showcase a lot about you and your family or a particular theme.

The Egyptian Marble

Architects and designers use exotic materials while designing exquisite exteriors. For example, the Egyptian marble adds ravishing looks to the simple plain house exteriors.

East Facing House

Some clients believe in settling house according to Vaastu and therefore preferably ask to construct east facing house, especially for a corner plot. Therefore, the architect constructs the front of the house in an eastward-facing direction.

Office cum Living space

These days, clients want office cum living space, where the house is partially dedicated for your office with an inlet to the house and a separate entry to the office. A large proportion of businessmen and tycoons demand an office in their house.

Sovereign Architects are pioneers in creating spaces with craftmanship. Our team not only understands your needs but also applies spatial management skills to give you the best outcome on an optimal budget. Browse our site to learn more about our craftsmanship in constructing different spaces.



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