7 decor tips and trends to make your decor stand out from the crowd.

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7 decor tips and trends to make your decor stand out from the crowd.

Holiday decorations are as big of the tradition as the holidays themselves, and everybody likes to put the decor that best suits their home and lifestyle. Here are a few tips on having the perfect holiday decor that can make your home an eye candy this year:

Decorate early:

It is always considered a good idea to start decorating the earliest possible, and it helps as you have time to make changes in your decor, and hence you have the time it can come handy as you can take care of other parts of festivals as well.


DIY is in trend, and with having time on hand, you can save some money for yourself. With almost no limits, you can adopt any style and contrast for your decor. With many options and styles, you can make it personalized for every section of your house, and if there are kids, they can have their particular theme in their rooms.


Nowadays, sustainability is very important to every architectural firm in Pune, especially with increasing global warming and the greenhouse effect. Make sure that you use eco-friendly products and always store and dispose of waste properly. Make sure that you use as many recyclable materials as you can. There are reusable lights and wrap paper that can be used to ensure the sustainability of your decoration.


It is also a very common trend these days to make everything personalized according to various factors. For example, the living room can be personalized by giving the family theme as it is the common area. Whereas, rooms can be decorated with the theme of the particular member and it can be according to their liking and choice.


Many architectures in Pune noticed that this trend spiked after covid. The decorator set up the environment and ambiance that resemble the decorations and preparations of childhood, giving the owner happiness and a positive feeling. This can also be a chance for the kids to experience the ways and friends of the past.


The newest trend is to mix the themes and style to get a unique ambiance out of your decorations. So feel free to use modern decorations with traditional bits or vice-versa, do not worry about it being tacky or out of fashion and anything.

Front porch:

According to some of the best architectures in Pune, decorating the interior only will not make sense if your front porch is looking dull and lifeless. So instead, ensure you have carried the theme outside, and the decoration on the front porch represents the preparation and excitement you have for the coming festive season.

So, if you are looking to have a great festival vibe and want to have the best decoration in the neighborhood, follow the points mentioned above and see everybody’s jaw-dropping. If you are looking for a good architectural firm in Pune, visit us, Sovereign architects are known for our quality and house some of the most renowned architects in Pune.




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