Things to keep in mind while planning the kids’ room

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Things to keep in mind while planning the kids' room

Every kid has a different personality, and kids like to have their room themed around their liking and personality. Personalized themed rooms bring a sense of belongingness to the kids. They feel attached and happy. Kid’s room can be created on various interesting themes such as sporty, casual, and video game-related e.t.c. At Sovereign architects, we initiate research-based planning and include some crucial given-below points to create a kid’s room一 a “Happy-niche” for children.

The Essentials And Theme

The essentials need to be planned first, like bed, study table, storage space for toys, and the wardrobe. Then, they have to match the theme of the room, for example, race car bed, constellation ceiling, or 3-D dollhouse-themed wall. Also, if there is less space in the room, the designer can arrange a murphy bed(wall bed)  so that the kid has ample space for basic activities and enjoys leisure time. 


Planning lighting is an important feature of the designing process. The designer makes sure to give at least one window to allow ample natural light to enter the room. The designer may keep ceiling lighting, fairy tale lightings, bed-side lamps, or study lamps to ensure the utmost comfort for the kid.


Choosing the right color pallet for a kid’s room can transform the room completely while adding a lot of energy and optimism to the room. Children connect to the color of their choice very well. Therefore, our designers discuss coloring patterns one-on-one with parents and kids to learn about their likes and dislikes and add the color of their choice in the best possible place. 

Open to upgrade: 

While children are growing, their needs grow too. For example, they want a bigger closet, Changing Room, a bigger bed, and a systematic study. Hence, while planning a room for a child, designers plan to keep a compatible design that can be upgraded in the future. 

Home is the best place in the world, and we are constantly upgrading to give you your-best home. Our designers personally interview the clients to understand their requirements, expectations, and preferences to give them a better place than what they can imagine. While designing kids’ rooms, we give kids equal importance, incorporate their imagination in our designs, and give them a room that reflects their persona, resonates positive energy, and helps them grow.  So, if you are planning to renovate kids’ rooms, connect with our experts, one of the best architects in Pune for quality guidance.



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