7 Best False Ceiling Designs For Your Living Room in India

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False Ceiling Design For Living Room

The living room is the first area of your house that guests notice. It is the first impression of your house. A well-decorated living room speaks for your personality and style. But while putting efforts in designing the room, selecting colors, furniture, lamps, fans, why often leave the ceiling untouched. There are many innovative false ceiling designs for living room that can enhance your living room decor.

False ceiling room design for bedrooms offers aesthetic value and has other advantages. For example, it can cover up ugly wiring, offer thermal insulation, acoustic protection, and increase overall energy efficiency.

There are different types of false ceiling designs for living rooms in India

  • Plaster of Paris: these ceilings are made with the powdered form of Gypsum, called Plaster of Paris. The advantage of POP is they are cost-effective.
  • Gypsum False Ceilings: Gypsum is another popular material used for its thermal protection and soundproofing properties. It is available in different colors.
  • Wooden False Ceilings:  wooden ceilings are the best bet for people living in cold climatic conditions. They are easy to install and give a sophisticated look to the room.
  • Glass False Ceilings: Although glass is not a suitable material for home, you can use glass panes combined with other materials to create stunning designs in your living room.

Below are few latest false ceiling designs for living room that can help you decorate your living room in the most creative ways.

False ceiling designs for small living room

When you have limited rooftop space to design, the best way to be creative is using lighting designs and a simple color scheme. For example, try using spotlight bulbs in the corner of the ceiling or disco lights and unique wall hangings that look stylish and become the highlight of your living room ceiling.

Factor in acoustics

One of the least considered options for ceiling design is acoustics. Living room ceilings should be designed to absorb sound and noise. Acoustic designs can distribute sound evenly. For the high ceilings, rooms paneling the ceiling and adjusting sound inputs work well. 

POP Ceiling Designs For Living Room

false ceiling can be designed with a lot of materials. Plaster of Paris is used in many residential and commercial roofing applications.  It is maintenance-free and durable. You can design different ceiling textures and designs that match with the wall or directly connect the wall. A contrast carpet material can be used for the ceiling to look like the rest of the living room.

Infuse False Ceiling Architectural Elements

Ceilings can be made eye-catching by adding architectural elements such as beadwork, boards, artwork, and faux finishes. They enhance the look of your ceiling and living room and act as the focal point for ceilings. In addition, loud architectural elements give a classic look and a different feel to the living room.

Experiment With Different Shapes

Ceilings can also be designed with different shapes and elements. The generally preferable choice is a rectangular shape. But you can also go for circular shapes for fans or ceiling lamps or double circles with LED lights. Curves and circles add softness to traditionally designed homes.

Cover with wood

If opting for wooden ceilings, you can cover the one half or entire ceiling with designed wooden textures or ascending order of different wooden boards designed to fit the entire ceiling. It completely seals the ceiling but looks quite classic with the rich wooden material used. Proper lights can give an additional touch to wooden paneled ceilings.

Select The Right Colours For Living Room False Ceilings

The color of the false ceiling design For Living Room affects the look of the entire house. Dark colors for large rooms appear cozy, but a light color for a small living room is perfect. Appropriate choice of color is important as they reflect directly on the design and living room. 

Ceiling designs can make an additional statement to your living room and looks quite attractive. However, you don’t require to work too much on it. Few good designs, proper lighting, and a color scheme are all you need to design your living room ceiling the right way.

For interesting false ceiling designs for living room ideas, Sovereign Architects are here to help you. We have vast experience in offering false ceiling designs for the living room and entire home decor. No matter how small or large your place is, we have great ideas to make your place a stylish one. For more information contact us. 



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