9 old house renovation ideas you must try

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old house renovation ideas
  1. Change the Interior

The perfect look of your house will depend upon your smart choice. First of all, decide on an interior theme for your house depending upon your personality and style. You could choose the same interior theme for the entire house or choose different themes. 

  1. Change the paint

The best recommendation for choosing a paint color is to look at the facing of the windows and then set up a color combination that can be based on sunlight. For example, if a window is facing east, a better choice would be to choose cooler tones for that room. And if the window is facing towards the west, warmer colors can be recommended. 

  1. Add home-enhancing decorations

Decorations like plants can add to the bounty of your house as they signify life. You can put plants indoors and outdoors to enhance portions of your house. These objects are good because they draw attention and can be a subject of conversation for first-time visitors. Likewise, curtains can be used to give windows a certain look.

  1. Hardwood over carpets

The best old house renovation tip is that wall-to-wall carpeting in a home is a thing of the past. Though warm and soft, it does not provide a warm look to your house. Today there is no way for carpets if one wants to give their house a sophisticated look rather than an outdated one. In the end, you are making a new house out of that old one.

  1. Accessorize your home

A nicely accessorized theme makes a house look extravagant. It is the simplest and easiest way of giving your house a modern look. Putting gold mirrors, gold-made accessories, etc., can enhance the luxury. Everybody wants to design their house in such a way that resembles their style and personality. 

  1. Making modifications in the kitchen

Got bored with an old kitchen that does not suit your purposes? Mark out the things you want to change, making your old kitchen appear like a modern one. Improperly built old cabinets can cause a problem while properly fixing the household apparatuses. If your Drawers and cabinets don’t provide the storage you require, purchase add-ons such as cutlery trays, roll-out shelving, smooth drawer glides, etc. 

  1. Making modifications in bathrooms

In modern times, people judge a house, centering more on the way bathrooms is built-in houses. So, first, remove rust and polish away ugly old water stains. Then re-enamel your entire bathroom.

  1. A place for recreation

Recreation is becoming a fundamental concept in one’s life. But people mostly visit recreational places like parks, zoos, museums, theme parks, etc., for recreation. So how is the idea of having your recreation area at home? Don’t get surprised! It’s a trend now. 

  1. Go for crown molding

Crown molding provides a room with a sense of completion. It brings the walls and ceiling together, making perfect sense, i.e., making a perfect house out of an old house. The best advantage of crown molding is that it is very cost-effective.
These are tried and tested old house renovation ideas in India by us. Sovereign architects is a known name in architecture and interior design services, if you have such requirements feel free to contact us.



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