Top 7 Duplex Home Interior Designs Ideas

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Duplex houses are different from regular apartments. Designers explore duplex apartment features to exploit both their functionality and uniqueness. Compared to the usual 2-BHK or 3-BHK apartments, duplexes are bigger. Hence, you have an opportunity to customize the interior designs uniquely.

This blog is a must-read if you plan to build or reinvent your duplex. We have tips and ideas to help you plan a perfect duplex flat design.

Useful Duplex Home Interior Design Ideas

●  Design Staircase

One of the most common features of any duplex is the staircase. The staircase in duplex home interior designs can become a style statement if planned well. Designers infuse safety, style, utility, and functionality to add design value and creativity. For example, the staircase can be designed to accommodate organizer boxes. The sidewalls can be used as a display, and the handles can be made of superior quality furnishings to add strength, safety, and style quotient.

●  A Stylish Yet Functional Hall

The hall can be planned to serve multi-purposes. Infact, in a duplex, the hall is more spacious than usual homes, which can serve as the living, dining, kitchen, and activity area.

Tip: Choose the right size and type of furniture to accommodate things proportionally well in space.

● Work On Layouts

A perfectly planned layout will enhance the space’s utility. A designer has an accurate idea of space and knows the priorities of keeping living areas and private spaces segregated. The designers share their 3-D layout plan with clients to seek feedback and incorporate their ideas into the design. A perfectly designed layout will help you visualize your space in advance.

● Plan Well For The Rooms Upstairs

Typically, bedrooms and private spaces are upstairs. But, you can discuss duplex home interior designs with your designer to explore more ideas. Together you can bring out a better layout blueprint for rooms. A suggestion: if you have senior citizens staying with you, give them a room downstairs.

●  A separate Room To Accommodate Your Changing Needs

Duplexes are spacious; hence, you can decide the number of rooms. You can ask your designer to give you a separate room that can be used to serve different purposes. For example, a separate room can become your study, entertainment area, or guest room per your needs.

●  Kitchen Hacks

Contemporary designers infuse the concept of open kitchens in halls. It makes the kitchen accessible, keeps the dining area closer, and helps the host stay connected to guests while using the kitchen.

●  Plan Balcony

Duplex flat designs ideally have two balconies. But you can customize the spaces and swap them in one balcony. People are also making commercial use of balconies. So, the duplex house is a perfect fit for the plan. A diligently planned balcony gives access to both comfort and convenience of earning.

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