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The Inspiration for the Design Concept of the Famous sovereign architects was the Location of the Plot itself. The longer side of the plot was facing north and has a main access road towards North. So the concept that emerged was to give each room a feel of Staying close To Nature. This was achieved by considering a huge balcony facing the Green Open space along with a wide opening towards North Side of the Bedrooms. Green wall in the Office creates a eye soothing feel in the backdrop during a VDO call. Covered Skylight above the Spa creates a feel of bathing below the open sky. At night with star studded sky it gives a feel of oneness with the cosmos. The Lift lobby glazing facing the North direction invites, uniform quality natural light throughout the day. At Smart space we treat every project uniquely and believe that it has its own characteristics. We see to it that along with achieving the Aesthetics the utility of the Architecture and Interior is not compromised. Famous Sovereign Architects an Interior Designers in Pune If you like our Projects and want to connect with our team. Pune is blessed to have people who care for this city and famous architecture in pune.

When it comes to distinct interior styling and decoration, Famous Sovereign Architects & Interior Designers are on top of the list of best interior designers in Pune. Be it designing a luxurious penthouse or creating a sophisticated office space, the talented designers at Famous Sovereign Architects in pune are adept at bringing client’s vision to reality. Our highly experienced team is expert in designing different types of structures and works with a holistic view on every project. We make sure that every aspect of the design is fully integrated and in line with the client’s expectations. To create unique living spaces for our customers, we ensure each project is tailored perfectly to the client’s needs. As one of the top interior designers & interior decorators in Pune and industry leaders in the design field, we undertake different projects with varying budgets and unique client requirements. Check out our Project Gallery to learn more about the range of interior and architectural work we have done over the years. When constructing or renovating your house or commercial space, be sure you chose an experienced and trusted architect who can effectively take care of all phases of the design process, right from the initial design concept to completing the construction activity. As well-known Famous Sovereign Architects in pune, we are committed to delivering high-quality work using our extensive knowledge of architectural design and building materials and a strong recognition of ergonomics within a property. At Famous Sovereign Architects in pune our licensed professionals maintain high standards all through the project execution. If you are looking for a bold and futuristic architectural design, our expert architects can create contemporary designs using their distinct architectural style and advanced technology.


Famous Architecture has usually been defined as the art of building. It is an art, made for people residing. The Architect today is both an artist and an Engineer, who must combine knowledge of design and construction and of the available resources in labour techniques and materials to produce a harmonious and functional work. Today the Architect plans both the aesthetics and the construction of the building in a highly conscious manner, often deliberately attempting to communicate artistic concepts and abstract ideas through inner spaces and structure itself. It is the demanding clients who care about architecture and space planning.

Interior Designing

Famous Architecture Interiors design is more than decoration. It is also among other things a concern for functions. Today interior designer works beyond specifying furnishings, finishing and indulges with the space planning combined with the knowledge & skill of modern engineering services. Inner space is a challenge & opportunity to accomplish interior designer to explore every variable aspect of size, shape, scale, colour, texture and give to inner space a character of its own. It is the demanding clients who care about interior & space planning and seek the services of Sovereign Architects.

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