What is the Role of an Architect in Construction and Design of a School Building?

School building

A school is probably one of the most important institutions for human beings. It is a safe haven for kids to nurture their personalities, learn new skills, and gain knowledge. Besides, it is also one of the few places most children remember when they grow up.  Apart from imparting knowledge, a school empowers kids to […]

Commercial architecture – What They Do And Why Do You Need One For Business?

Commercial architecture refers to the design of buildings and structures for use by the business. It is an architectural field solely focused on buildings and spaces that are used for commercial purposes, including offices, retail outlets, and other facilities where commercial businesses are done.  Sovereign Architects are the leading interior designers in Pune to deliver […]

Top 10 World’s Famous Universities for Studying Architecture

If architecture is the subject you want to study, and location is no bar, you can choose any of the university listed in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world university ranking for Architecture. The assessment is done on the basis of research impact, employer reputation and academic reputation. • The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (University […]

Tips to use Glass in Home Interior Design

Unique Use of Glass to Enhance your Home Interior Design Everyone wishes for the best décor for their house. Use of glass for interior design can make your house look chic and elegant. Below are some tips to make your house look bigger and more beautiful using glass. Reflection Architect and interior designer in Pune […]

4 Reasons Why You Need to Reconsider Designing Your Home Front Door

Many people underestimate the importance of designing the front door of their house, which is wrong. The gateway to your home is the first thing your visitors are going to experience while visiting. Designing it, under the guidance of architect and interior designer in Pune will help you offer a modern and standard home to […]

Rules of Home Garden No True Owner Should Skip

Your garden speaks a lot about your personality and house. There is a reason why the architectural firms in Pune consider garden as an important housing interface which must be done right. It should be eye-catching and unique. However, nothing is more disheartening than a garden that won’t grow. If you are one of those […]

Importance of Liaison Architect in Real Estate House

A liaison architect holds a significant role in construction houses. Any civil architect or lawyer can be a liaison architect. The services a liaison architect provides are indispensable. Construction is possible anywhere within reach of law with his help, which cannot be substituted. A liaison architect can also be called an agent or a broker […]

5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home in Small Budget

It is a well known fact that interior designing when incorporated in our home budget often turn out to be quite expensive. Even in situations where we try to redecorate a single room, the costs start to spiral up. Whether we want to go for a new carpet or instead opt for wooden flooring? Paint […]

Vastu Shastra and the Modern World

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Hindu law of architecture originated in around 6000 BC. Over huge decades from now, when the entire world was wandering in the forest to serve the purpose of their existence, we, the Indians had already found the knowledge about the subjects of life. Today, Indians are growing towards modernization and Vastu […]

Why a Sovereign Architect Should Build Your Dream house?

Are you all set to build a home of your own? The journey from deciding on a suitable plot to hiring a professional custom builder could be a daunting one unless you have a professional guidance from experts. We, the Sovereign architects in Pune are here to help you understand why choosing a custom home […]