Things to keep in mind while planning the kids’ room

Things to keep in mind while planning the kids' room

Every kid has a different personality, and kids like to have their room themed around their liking and personality. Personalized themed rooms bring a sense of belongingness to the kids. They feel attached and happy. Kid’s room can be created on various interesting themes such as sporty, casual, and video game-related e.t.c. At Sovereign architects, […]

2021 Office Furniture Decor Trends: New Era Of Office Decor

office chairs & desks creatively arranged

Gone are the days when offices used to be a simple space with large cabins and just tables and chairs. The definition of office and work has changed in current times. Employees are provided with a lot of facilities to work smoothly.  The office interior is important because it provides a creative environment for the […]

5 Creative Interior Decor Tips For cafes.

cafe interior

The trend has changed from going to hotels and restaurants to going to theme-based and specialty-based food restaurants. cafes are a recent trend. It’s a place where you can hang out with your friends and have a brainstorming session regarding topics like philosophy, books, politics, meetings, or even study. Some cafes even have game hubs […]

4 Must-Have Bakery Shop Interior Design in 2021!

bakery shop interior

“Looks do not matter,” but people connect with something only after it pleases their eyes. It’s a harsh reality of the world. Although many businesses opt for a simple infrastructure and interior, they are more focused on their service. But if you are in a bakery and food business, the look does matter!  The look […]

7 Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

A high-end looking home is a dream come true for every house owner. Home is where life happens. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning or celebration night of your business achievement, your home should never lose its warmth and calming effect, which certainly comes with interior designing and architecture. As a well-known architect and interior […]

Do I need to hire an Architect/ Interior Designer?

People spend their entire savings to buy their dream house. After zillions of property research, paperwork, and counseling, you finally get the keys to your home. You have got all the ideas in your mind to decorate your home and personalize every corner and space. Many house owners prefer brainstorming and experimenting with interior décor. […]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Dream House

In a country like India, building your own house is considered one of the highest achievements in life. More and more people today prefer a secluded house which they can design from their own aspirations rather than the multistorey apartments. However, building a reliable and comforting home requires more than just ambition and imagination; it […]

5 Top Home Interior Building Trends To See In Coming Years

Upgrading with the latest trends, uplift the social status of an individual. They are easily recognized and truly become an inspiration for others to change for good. Modernization has tremendously helped people to achieve comfort and luxury at the same pace. Talking about home building and apartment buying, our architects in Pune, has experienced that […]

Know the Basics of Space Planning

Space planning studies the use of physical space available in various structures and constructions. It analysis the purpose of a given space and the method of using it wisely. So, it happens to be a comprehensive stepwise process of planning done by architectures and interior designers as per the views shared by an Architectural Firm […]

Top 10 World’s Famous Universities for Studying Architecture

If architecture is the subject you want to study, and location is no bar, you can choose any of the university listed in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world university ranking for Architecture. The assessment is done on the basis of research impact, employer reputation and academic reputation. • The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (University […]