Small Living Room Ideas 2019 (Modern)

We have entered 2019 & yet to reclaim ourselves from the partying & rejoicing mode. Some of our homes still stand a witness to our new year partying & merrymaking in case we have not gone out to welcome 2019 with our gang of friends & family. In this era of space crunch, where we […]

How to decorate large living rooms?

Designing a house is everyone’s dream. To have a place which reflects the owner personality, a place that is the final destination after long days at work, a place that you can call home. We all know dreams can be hard to accomplish at times. For, such times, there is Sovereign Architects to guide or […]

How to Increase Your Room Ambience with These Lighting Ideas

The most important thing that brings life in a room is the lighting of that room. Shady or bright, lighting is an essential part of the ambience of a house or a room. We are inspired by many instances, from Bollywood, Pinterest, various types of online sources etc. You will get lots of domestic help […]

Decorating your room? Save money with these decorating Ideas.

Does a poorly decorated room, or simply a messed up one ever attract you? A growing teenager might not complain about it, but a grown up will surely do. It always feels good to keep your room clean, beautiful and ambient. Decorating homes properly might end up costing too much if you have low budget […]

Wonderful Mirror decorating ideas for your home

What can mirrors do for decorating your home? Well, pretty much can be achieved, exclaims a reputed interior designer in Wakad. One of the huge advantages of playing interior designs with mirrors is that they are no way governed by any sort of rules and can be elegantly used to uplift the visual appearance of […]

Glass Splashback: A modern approach to latest kitchen

Gone are the days when kitchen was just used as a place to cook food. With changing times, kitchen has turned out to be one of the nerve centres of house with dense traffic. So what can be the best way to uplift the spirit of kitchen and change its mundane ambience without being out […]

Landscaping Ideas for designing beautiful garden

It is an irrefutable fact that there can’t be a better choice other than a landscaped garden for connecting your indoor and outdoor space. Designing a beautiful garden can be a great experience and infact you are most likely to be overwhelmed with the alternatives you can have. One of the most recognized architects in […]

Tips for avoiding exceeding Interior Budget

Renovation of your house or interior design is a fun filled activity in all respects except for one aspect – financial overrun. Inspite of best of efforts from your side, nine out of ten times, the actual cost shoots up well above what was estimated as a final budget. This becomes more probable when you […]

What to Do With Empty Space in Living Room

Trying to decorate those empty living corners of your house can be quite a mess, it seems. But it sure doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you want are hoping to beautify your home most simply and easily possible without having to spend too much money on it, then give this post a good read. In […]

How to decorate your kids’ room in affordable prices?

Thinking of new ways to decorate your child’s bedroom? If yes, then check out this post. In this article we are going to teach you some really cool and fun ways in which you can add some fun and spark to your child’s room without having to spend too much money. The tips have been […]