Top 9 Trending Interior Designing Ideas for Residential Apartments

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment of a modern city or a quaint house in a small town, vibrance and elegance are something you can create in any Indian home, limitless to its location, size, and shape. With this in mind, our interior designers in Pune have unveiled some out-of-box interior designing ideas. Let’s […]

4 Lighting Tips For Your Home By Top Interior Designer In Pune

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Good lighting can immediately amplify the flow of space, ambiance, and overall vibe of your room. While natural light is always in vogue, artificial lighting in tube lights, bulbs, chandeliers, etc., can reach every corner of the room and complement room size, furniture, and color palette. With the right plan and a little supervision from […]

Ideas to Increase the Creativity and Productivity Of Workspace With Optimal Improvisation

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Office designing is important both to employees as well as the employer. Employees invest a large amount of time in the office. It is important that the space is zealous, comfortable, handy, and enables employees to spend long working hours.  Good utilization of space is associated with increased productivity. The offices nowadays, whether small or […]

Top 10 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Architects

Garden designing or renovating can be a nerve-racking decision, especially when your expectations don’t match the plot of your garden. Are you someone looking for add-ons to your land property? Are you bored of the same old garden designs and wish to renovate it? Your search ends here! Sovereign architects – A well-known name among […]

How to use artificial flowers and trees for decoration

It is true that real flowers and trees have been widely used for interior decoration of your homes and offices to instill fresh energy in the ambience. But slowly people started shifting towards artificial flowers for various reasons that includes maintenance efforts, allergic aromas, and even lack of water and light.  Although initially artificial flowers […]

Landscaping Yourself versus Using a Landscape Architect

The very utterance of the word “landscaping” infuses fresh energy and triggers the thoughts of flowering plants, gravel pathways, decorative pebbles arrangement. But is landscaping limited to gardening and horticulture? No, it involves complete transformation of visible image of your outdoor space with tiles, pagodas, fire pits, fountains, patios, outdoor kitchens and every other aspect […]

Interior Design Tips for children’s room

Kids are so special and precious. So, it is quite obvious that everybody desires to give the best to their children. Be it education, clothing, facilities, parents try to do their maximum possible to keep them happy. A noble thought indeed. Likewise, it is very important to present a conducive ambience for them that suits […]

How to Design your small garden

Space is never a constraint when the concept of garden pops up. All it matters is the conceptualization of innovative design ideas and their intelligent execution challenges. With urbanization having taken toll of much of town’s green space, people have started vying for the development of small gardens in their terraces, decks, patios or at […]