Is there any difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

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Most of us assume interior designers and interior decorators are one and the same and  these terms are often interchanged. It is a complete misconception and the fact says otherwise – both these terms are different. Sovereign architects, one of the best architectural firms in Pune explains the difference between these two terms.

Interior designers are professionals and have educational background in this field. They have  extensive training in the field and gained vast knowledge and expertise in designing. Be it a home or commercial space, their work starts from initial stages of the project. Professional designers design the building keeping in mind about functionality of the space for the users of the building. Each room is designed considering the lifestyle of the residents so that the space is properly utilized. While designing a project Interior, designers not only consider space utilization but also take into account every other aspect such as light, sound, ventilation, safety, cost effectiveness and other designing parameters. While formulating the design in accordance with the functional requirement of the space, expert interior designers always keeps the technical aspects of the structure in the forefront. Hence a creative interior designer ensures an attractive and stable structure without compromising the creativity. In short interior designers have:

  • Education background
  • Professional training
  • Experience in the field
  • Expertise in designing
  • CreativityInteriors designers always analyse, plan, design only after conducting extensive research to  meet the demands and needs of the occupants. Because of their coordinated work with  architects and other contractors, interior designers easily uplift the functionality and  aesthetic look  Interior decorators

    On the other hand, to become an interior decorator or to pursue their profession, formal  education or training is not required, but they can always specialise by studying with the  courses available. These programs generally concentrate on decorating a place rather than  concentrating on functionality and other aspects of designing.  Interior decorators do not  work with architects or contractors or they also don’t renovate a place. Interior decorators  only enhance or update a new or existing space. They accentuate the rooms by various  decorating ideas. Interior decorators job is limited to furnish and decorate a place. They mainly concentrate on fabrics, colors, furniture, window treatments, curtains and other  accessories so that a refreshed look is achieved.

A designer or decorator whom to hire?

Interior decorators are helpful when it comes to selecting wall papers, furniture, lamps,  upholsteries, paint and other accessories. They can transform a new place or update an old  premise according to client’s needs. Interior decorators can be hired when space planning  or any other structural or technical changes are not required. As interior designers are  professionals with education background, it is better to appoint them for new building or an  existing building that requires structural changes. Along with proper planning and designing,  the place can be revamped completely with latest trends and designs while keeping  functionality of the place intact.  Though the ultimate aim is to provide beautiful spaces, the  clients should select appropriate professional who caters to the need.

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