(Cottage , Business Center with Recreational Zone Project)
Area 214 Acre.
Location : Panchgani , Satara(MH)

This is a project which is designed to fulfill all the basic amenities of mother nature , so that, one can rest here, use all our amenities and refresh their lives with a blessing of mother nature.

Starting from its gate, the site is super landscaped, using every single material which is recyclable and available abundantly in nature . here we have planned each sector with a utility behind it, there are trees basically, medicinal trees, coffee gardens, fruit gardens, and vegetable gardens. We have SPA , medication, meditation zones, relaxing centers, scuba diving and other water sports all over the place.

This place is surrounded by hill ,so, we have developed slopes and used it for recreational areas. There is a trench at starting of the site, where a bunji jumping and scuba diving cum water sports facility is provided. At whole it is a complete refreshment and natural rehabilitation center for people living in this high speed era.

The project is spanning across 400 acres of valley containing luxury cottages, with beautiful landscapes.