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Sovereign Architecture is quickly expanding these days and with technology evolving and the world constantly undergoing a change, new ideas that are interesting and fresh are arising simultaneously. In fact, the year 2024 has come with new and intriguing architecture styles that will blow your mind. Take a look at some of them.

Small Homes

Believe it or not, the pandemic has really pushed us to reconsider our lives and incorporate sustainability once again and this has led to the resurgence of tiny homes. Tiny homes are not just minimal, sustainable, and economical. They are minimal, simple and don’t require more than 100-128 square feet. Usually, the homes have a natural wood interior and have soft hues in terms of color scheme.

Prefabricated Architecture

This kind of architecture has gained immense popularity as they are sustainable, efficient, best suited for all kinds of construction, etc. These kinds of architecture take less time compared to traditional construction, come with fully customized tiny homes that also scale up to the size of traditional homes, and also have extensive detailing that you can choose from with the help of the best architects in Pune

DIY Architecture

DIY is a new trend that almost everyone, including architects, are trying these days! Here, you can create your own holiday cabin in an easy and affordable manner. These structures are flat packed and come with a kit that tells you the whole process. DIY is simple and doesn’t require unnecessary materials or lead to construction waste. If you hire an architect, you will be able to find your way through it.

Sustainable Architecture

Now that the world is turning topsy turvy, people are turning towards sustainable architecture more frequently. It is eco-friendly, protects mother earth, and nourishes the planet as well. Sustainable architecture reduces carbon footprints and leads to a clean lifestyle. Sustainable architecture is all about keeping it casual, luxurious, and sustainable- all the same time. The homes come with a touch of greenery, have air-purifiers, have solar panels that help harvest energy and so much more.

3D Printed Architecture

3D Printed architecture has become a popular trend these days. They are efficient, simple, and come with innovative techniques with a very low risk of errors. This also helps you save a lot of time. 3D also removes many tedious steps out of the way during construction and simplifies it at the same time. 3D printing also looks amazing and the results are often mind-blowing,

Solar power architecture

Solar power is an excellent energy source. They are sustainable and a clean alternative compared to fossil fuels. They are being incorporated in a lot of homes, holiday cabins, and tiny apartments as well. These structures also coexist in harmony along with their surroundings and respect the nature around them as well.


Scandinavian Architecture

Scandinavian designs are always known to be quaint, minimal as well as awe-inspiring, regardless of whether they are interiors or product designs. Scandinavian architecture always gives you a warm feeling and infuses a feeling of admiration. Scandinavian architecture also goes beyond cabins and is all about keeping it eco-friendly and minimal. They include tiny homes with glass doors and also come with excellent floor-to-ceiling heights too.

Floating Architecture

As the world gets steeped in global warming, more and more exciting and sustainable ideas for home and architecture have sprung. From hotels to cinemas to man-made islands, they idly float across all water bodies and create an extraordinary experience too. Floating architecture is something you will find in coastal cities and offers all extensive facilities as well.

Minimal Architecture

Just like the word suggestions, minimal architecture is all about minimalism. Minimal designs will leave you with a warm feeling deep within. It is deeply admirable, very elegant, and wonderfully designed to bring in a sense of calmness and warmth. The designs help you create a home that is revitalized and could also help you adapt to new moods or functions.


According to top architects, Cabins are an excellent way to relax. It is also growing in popularity as more and more people these days prefer a minimal and simple vacation. Cabins are usually in the forests. They might be tiny in size but they surround oak trees and are extremely beautiful to look at. If you are also working from home, you can use this.


Minimalism is one thing that never goes out of style. Not just that, it offers you delicate touches, has beautifully designed spaces, and offers an aura of calmness and warmth too. The estimates also contain a wide assemblage of farmlands and buildings that depend on each other.