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A thing of beauty is a joy forever! An area surrounded with greenery and architectural splendor is definitely a feast to one’s eye. Landscape architecture refers to the beautification of outdoor areas. It is mainly concerned with the enhancement of the aesthetic beauty of both residential and non-residential building and parks by including trees, shrubs, flowering plants, grass, etc. Landscaping also includes construction of pavements, walkways, drainage and fountains.

Aspects of Good Landscaping

The key ingredient of a unique and creative landscaping is to maintain balance and harmony. The designing should perfectly sync with the natural surroundings. The factors that determine landscaping includes:

Attention to Size and Shape:

An attractive designing will create a visual interest while moving your eye through the garden. It is very important for a landscape architect to pay attention to the size of the individual plants. You can create a three dimensional design by including various levels of plants. Shape of the landscape will help to maintain uniformity and also make the design look elegant.

Importance to Color and Contrast:

Colors can provoke emotions in people. In fact, Colors and textures are considered to be key elements when designing a year-round spectacular garden. By including an array of different colored plants a wide range of emotions can be provoked in the people who are enjoying the tranquility and peace of the landscape design.

Adding Variety of Plants:

Another important objective of landscape design is to include a variety of plants which will add a touch of elegance and beauty to the outdoor space. This will also give scope for the creation of movement and will also help to maintain the visual balance.

Creating a Focal Point:

The experts at Sovereign architects are of the opinion that a well designed landscaping should have many focal points to create an impressive and unique outdoor space. This can be any object a fountain, a tree, a rock, a walkway or any element that tends to catch one’s attention.

Paying Emphasis to Practicality:

The designing of the landscape should both offer practical solutions and also meet the needs and requirements of the owner.

Benefits of Landscaping

A good landscape design will definitely be neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. Besides enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the place the benefits of landscaping can be as follows:

  • Improving the quality of life
  • Protection of Environment
  • Benefits the future generation at large
  • Value addition to the property

Sovereign Architects has a team of accomplished landscape architects in Pune who aim at designing awesome landscapes. They believe that as landscape designers one needs to take an overall observation of the concerned property and work according to the client’s requirements and budget to provide the perfect outdoor space.